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Have the victory but ...

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I would play him, not because leaving that spot open would be a chicken sht move , but he’s going to produce. 

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Two words.

Total Points.

If that's the tie breaker in your league. 

Yeah its a chicken move for sure to bench him. Last week I could of won because my opponent had a Butker on a bye. I thought about 30 mins before kick off to pick up and drop all the kickers so he couldn't have one. (Yahoo lets you do this). I decided not too and 2 mins before kick off I he picked up Sly. I lost by 3 points. His kicker scored 10.

I lost because I picked the wrong WR to start (A. Cooper vs NE). :) 

Roll with Carson, Cause, Its the right thing to do...Or start Penny if you handcuffed him!

Just a thought!

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