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My first ever championship lineup - *WHIR!

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Really tough decisions this week guys...I've bolded the positions that are up in the air for me. All of my bench players have excellent match-ups and some positive games of late. I don't know what to do! 

Standard scoring. 12 teams.


QB - Aaron Rodgers @Min

RB - Christian McCaffrey @Indy

RB - Mike Boone .vs. GB 

WR - DeVante Parker .vs. Cin

WR - A.J. Brown .vs. NO

TE - Hunter Henry @Oak

DST - Ravens @Cle


BENCH RB's: Do I go with Boone because of one week...? Or do I play Lindsay like I've been playing all season, or do I play the recently hot Drake? This is a tough one. And while I don't think Cook comes back this week...what if Mattison does?

Phillip Lindsay .vs. Det 

Kenyan Drake @Sea


BENCH WR's: I feel pretty confident in my choices, but Winston is on fire and Perriman is getting the looks...I love the other guys match-ups too but I just can't see myself replacing them in a slot above unless you have a reason. 

Breshad Perriman .vs. Hou

Mike Williams .vs. Oak

DK Metcalf .vs. Ari


Waiver Wire QB's: Don't feel comfortable with A-Rod...do I "R-E-L-A-X" or do I get desperate?

Tom Brady .vs. BUF

Jimmy Garoppolo .vs. LAR

Jared Goff @SF

Baker Mayfield .vs. BAL

Gardner Mindshew @ATL

Andy Dalton @MIA

Daniel Jones @WSH



My competition:

QB - Lamar Jackson @Cle

RB - Alvin Kamara @Ten

RB - Devin Singletary @NE

WR - Julian Edelman .vs. Buf

WR - Allen Robinson .vs. KC

TE - Darren Waller @LAC

DST - 49ers .vs. LAR



He could have snatched up Perriman and Boone because I was down to $0 FAAB but he slept on them! Do you guys think I'll win? I feel pretty good about this given the state of his roster. I'm worried I'm going to overthink my situation and make a poor substitution, but I really want to know if you guys think I should substitute anyone and why?

Just as I'm thorough in my post...I'll be thorough in my response to you as well. Really appreciate your time and advice. 


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First I would like to say good luck this weekend, and congrats. 


Perriman and Winston seems to be a good matchup, and M Williams of late as been good, but I would keep the two wr you’ve already picked. 

Rodgers first game Vs Vikings looks like 18 points , Jimmy G first game Vs Rams looks like 18, Goff first game Vs Niners looks like 4.  

Goff is the hottest of the three last three games. I hate to be wrong here, but I’m going with Jimmy G.  I just have a feeling.  

Ps I’m also starting Jimmy G, no thanks that it makes it the right pick, but just so let you know I not leaving you hanging. 

I think you have a very good shot, not so sure how much Jackson we’ll play.  

Let us know how it ends up, thanks. 

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For your WR, I might gamble replacing Parker with Perriman, but it's a tough call. Parker has been producing at a high level lately so you have to weigh the consistency factor.
As for your RB, keep an eye if Mattison plays, if he doesn't then go with Boone. If he does I would go with Drake.
QB - I would take a chance with Jimmy G. 

Good luck!

Help with mine?


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Weather might not be great for Parker’s game, just an FYI. I still don’t think I would sit either Parker or Brown for Perriman. Unless weather gets really bad..

I think I would start Drake over Boone. Last I heard is Seattle Dline is banged up pretty bad.


As for Qb I’m not a fan of Rogers on the road. 
Niners might just run all day like the boys did against this Rams defense.

I think I would gamble on Danny dimes against Washington this week.


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