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2020 NFL DRAFT (who you like-rookies)

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Awesome input guys. I knew I'd get good info and evals on the rooks as I don't follow college ball much. I've checked other boards over the years and for me at least I get the best fantasy help from the people that post here on the board. I've been playing FF since 1988, yeah I'm gettin' long in the tooth too LOL, and I value the opinions,advice,evals,info of everyone here more than any board I've been to.   

It's because of you guys and the FFToday's staff that make this the go to site for football period. Thanks for all your posts they are greatly appreciated.


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a great way to increase your NFL draft knowledge is to participate in a mock where you represent a team (or multiple teams) just like a GM.  You go on the clock and have whatever time limit the group decides to have between picks and a moderator or two who will track in a spreadsheet.  Picks are made in a Selection Thread and comments in a Discussion thread.

I do these every year on a couple of different message boards and it is a blast.  While pretending to be a team GM, you really hit the videos of many of these players and read all the profiles and opinions.  It becomes an obsession.  Anyway, I'm stuck home and if anyone wants to do this, I'll manage the spreadsheet and be one of the mods for it.

Ideally you get 16 people to GM 2 teams each.  Last year I did one with 8 people and each person took a division - 4 teams.

Here is a link to the one I'm doing on a Ravens board right now.  See if you like it.  


and here's one that is just wrapping up round 3.


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Between Jeudy and Lamb I think you gotta go with Lamb. Different pick but ask the 49ers about safe (Alex Smith) vs higher ceiling (Rogers).

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