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Compete against best-32 team, IDP, PPR...

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Take the next step in Fantasy Football- for those that want to play against the best-

Veni Vedi Vici

Come, see and conquer.  

VVV is a 32 team, IDP, PPR league with a rich history built to last the test of time.  The league features top level competition, with some of the best fantasy players around.  If you are looking to play with the best, this is the league for you.   


32 teams

53 man rosters

8 man TS

Dual copy league

Full IDP scoring


Compensatory picks

$250/season to LeagueSafe

Previous owners have been hired by NFL teams, and are writers for the biggest fantasy sites in the business.  VVV is a proving ground for the best!  The format is tried and tested.  

This league was previously part of the Paragon Leagues, however, as the Paragon commish is stepping down, we have decided to continue the league without modification.  

Monies are deposited in LeagueSafe and only distributed by majority league vote.  

2019 was a "Super Pot" year in VVV.  Every year 25% of the entry fees are deposited in the Super Pot which is awarded every 5 years.  Because of this, we have a large number of teams leaving this offseason.  While this will take some time to fill, it will also allow you to have a wide pool of players to draft during the Rookie Owner Draft.

We run a Rookie Owner Draft (ROD) once the league is full, where you draft the players from the teams with new owners.  The following teams will be participating in the rookie owner draft.

Additionally, the draft picks left behind by the abandoned teams will be drafted during the ROD: Orphan teams below

Bludhaven Saints (taken)

K-Town Bengals (taken)

White Rock Jaguars

Glenneration Giants (taken...)

Patriots (taken)

Queen City Raiders (taken)

Days of Thunder Panthers (taken)

Philly Vikings

Newcastle Ravens (taken)

Russican Eagles (taken)

Niagara Texans (taken)

Rozelle Cardinals (taken)

Bloomington Falcons (taken)


You also draft the 2020 rookie draft picks during the ROD.  As you can see, the cupboard is far from bare- 

First round picks available in the ROD- (17 picks, 14 teams)


















League site-


When you go to the site, you will see all of the ROD teams have (ROD) after the team name.  (ROD?) indicates that the owner hasn't officially decided yet.

Which team you select does not matter as you will draft an entirely new team from the players on these teams.  After the ROD, you should have a league average roster and a full set of picks as almost all teams have all their picks.  There are more 1st round picks available in the ROD than there are ROD teams, so several of you will have more than one 1st round pick.

If interested, please send a brief note about yourself with some information about your fantasy football experience to-



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Giants team is taken..

 returning to league so no longer Orphan:

a. Bucs

B. Steelers

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