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FILLED - The Simpsons Theme Dynasty League on myfantasyleague - $100 entry - Superflex, Win up to $1,700 each year.

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email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join

We will be starting this league after the NFL draft (even if it fills before hand).
So no need to make an immediate decision, but let me know if are a maybe. email me  Freezang_@hotmail.com
It's already a quarter full.

48 teams, 4 copies of each player
Victory points in the standings (see settings if you arent familiar with Victory points)
Superflex, 2 TE starting, Tiered PPR scoring
$100 entry
The Simpsons Theme
3 tiers of playoffs (so all teams have playoffs)
Win up to $1,700.
I need to change a thing or two to make the bylaws more readable, but will do that soon.

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A warning to anyone considering joining any of “Freezang’s” leagues. In my experience he is a puppy mill commissioner that starts a new lg every week. He cares little about the fundamentals that make a good lg.. like owners responding to trade offers, etc... he runs around 100 leagues (sadly this is not an exaggeration) and only 1/3 of the owners (at best) in his lgs are active and he couldn’t care less. He will try to say that I’ve never been in his lgs but that is crap. Since he runs so many lgs he will probably have a bunch of owners come on here and defend him but don’t fall for it. Most of the owners defending him are in 40+ lgs and do not care about lg activity.

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Hey Brad, thanx for chiming in again. At least you can keep creating new profiles since you have been kicked out or banned from everywhere else.

Thanx for bumping this to the top anyways.

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