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Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Jalen Hurts, Eagles

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Height/Weight: 6' 1"/222
College: Oklahoma
NFL Comp: A poor man's Dak Prescott/Taysom Hill

It may not seem as though Hurts has led a blessed life in college football, but it's quite possible that he will have played with roughly 10 first- or second-round pass-catchers during his time at Alabama and Oklahoma when the dust settles on future draft classes. Hurts possesses a number of characteristics the league likes at the quarterback position nowadays, including above-average arm strength, above-average mobility and a compact build that should help him absorb punishment better than the typical college quarterback entering the league.

Perhaps the biggest concern regarding Hurts is that he is often at his best outside the design of the play, which tends to work a lot better on the playground than it does on the field. He is not a quarterback that will consistently throw quickly. The best part about Hurts, however, is that he is athletic enough that he could give his new team some Taysom Hill-like versatility while getting full-time instruction on how to manipulate coverage, learning the importance of speeding up his internal clock in the pocket, etc. It seems almost certain that will be the case in Philly with Carson Wentz locked into the starting job for years to come.

What does it mean in redraft? Outside of being the potential handcuff to Wentz, virtually nothing. He will almost certainly go undrafted in most 12-team leagues.

What does it mean for dynasty? Fifth quarterback off the board in rookie drafts. Owners can probably wait until the late third or sometime in the fourth round to grab him.

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I don't see him being fantasy relevant unless Wentz gets injured, then he'll be one of the top waiver wire pick ups.

I think the Taysom Hill role people are assigning to him is a little overblown. While it's possible they put him in for a gadget play here and there, he's just a back up QB mostly.

Even if they do use him for some gadget plays, that's not going to be nearly enough to make him startable.

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