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Dalvin Cook threatening a holdout

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I will agree, he has spent too much of his career injured.   As such, despite his talent, most teams will be hesitant to give a long term deal to a player with his health record.

Minny should play him this year.... then franchise him to get one more season out of him, and then let him walk the followiing year.

if he puts together two healthy years in a row, you may consider signing him for longer term to keep.  but i suspect his career gets cut short due to injury

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12 hours ago, RedzoneMonster said:

You have to wonder how COVID will affect this situation.  Could Cook be more likely to holdout to avoid COVID, even if he misses the entire season?  In other words, maybe he doesn’t even want to play but why not use it as an opportunity to get a new contract?  Also, there are already several MLB players who have said they won’t play this year whenever the season starts. Will there be NFL players doing the same?  If so, will the union demand they still get paid, or partially paid?  How will this affect holdouts?  Could the NFL claim Cook really isn’t holding out, but just avoiding COVID?  How would you prove that?  So many different ways it could play out..

As I understand it, if he doesn't show up to camp due to a holdout, he doesn't get paid for any games he misses, and doesn't get an accrued season, so he would be a restricted free agent next year. The first round tender is in the neighborhood of 4.5 million, and the team has the right to match an offer.

There's nothing set up for a player not playing due to Covid. That would have to be negotiated between the league and the union. Whether he gets paid or not (I have to imagine not) and how it affects contract status is all up in the air.

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