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If we end up having no NFL season, or if it starts, then gets shut down early. Have you had any discussions yet on how to handle the 2021 rookie draft as far as draft order goes?

My league is 100% do this year's draft, season or not. So a 2 season combined draft is not an option. 

We got a state of the union coming up in a couple weeks. So I'd love to go in with some options/ideas.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Mine haven't had any discussions yet. I'm a GM so it will mostly be my call in some of them.

I was thinking the options are either, just use the previous seasons draft order, or just do it randomly. Of course if they play part of the season, you could go with the standings.

In the case there was no season, I would probably go with random order. Draw names out of a hat or something

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