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Empire Fantasy Football League was created for fantasy sport enthusiasts who always seek to get better and find a new edge. Communities for fantasy sports exist all over the internet. We created a place where everyone can come together and compete against one another in a massive season-long format that pits you against 1,000,000+ managers all over the world. You draft your team, add/drop players from the market, and wager on real games all season long. Check it out at EmpireFF.com




What I’m about to introduce to you is a truly new way to play the game of fantasy football. If you thought your Sundays were great before, they’re about to get even better now.


It’s all thanks to a single league format where you can potentially compete against 1,000,000+ other managers and really put your fantasy skills to the test. Now I know a lot of people will say fantasy football is based around luck and doesn’t involve much skill. But this league takes away some of that luck and shifts the emphasis back on a managers skill level.


This is how the game works. You are given 200 dollars to draft your roster from the Market. You need 2 quarterbacks, 3 running backs, 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end, and 6 bench players. Players of varying skill will be priced differently. Throughout the season you can buy and sell players using money to improve your team.


The way you gain money throughout the season is through the Wager system. Here you are given Tokens which you wager on real NFL games to convert them over to money. You can save up your money for an expensive All Pro player or you could use it to patch up your team week by week. It’s all up to you.


With the draft over and your Wagers placed you are ready to begin the season. Week 1 begins and it’s everyone vs everyone. Hypothetically let's say there are 100,000 managers signed up and ready to play, your team needs to score in the top half in week 1 to get the win. So if you have a score better than 50% of managers in this case 50,000, congratulations you won. You’re 1-0! Or if you lose, don’t worry. You still have the Market and the money you won using the Wager system to help you bounce back.


The Market is where you can add and drop players from your team. You use money to buy players and if you want to sell them you will get back half of their current price not the price you paid for them. Player prices fluctuate week by week so be careful about buying a hot player or staying away from that cold superstar. This is where you can buy low and sell high.


You have all the control. You get to pick all the players you want (under the cap of course), The entire market is there to help you get out of any mess. No injuries to blame or players getting stolen to complain about, just bad management. Whether you win or lose, it’s all on you.


You play weeks 1-13 just like in your home leagues (week by week) and the top 50% of managers make the playoffs to be played from weeks 14-16. So the 50,000 teams with the best records of the initial 100,000, make it into the postseason. Teams with the same record will use total points as a tiebreaker.


After week 16 the season and playoffs are over and the dust has been settled. The top 1% have emerged as champions to share in the glory.


Do you think you have what it takes to compete at the highest level fantasy football has to offer? Draft your team at EmpireFF.com to find out.

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