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#1 Overall Pick in Keeper League

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Top choices are Cook, Thomas, Chubb, Mixon, Jacobs and Julio Jones. Standard non-PPR format. WR/TE combo and keeping Kelce at 3.01 and Gordon (I think) at 5.01. Leaning Thomas. Just like having his consistency every week. Cook worries me with injury risk. He's burned me the last couple of years.

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in a keeper league you likely want to pick a younger player.  especially if you are rebuildiing your team.

if you have the #1 pick chances are good you finished last.   iits possible you traded for that first pick, but I dont have that info.

based on this logic, I'd eliminate Julio. 

while Thomas may be young enough (hes only 26)  his starting QB (brees) is old. hes in his 40's.

once Brees is gone, there is the possibility Thomas will no longer be a keeper.

The best player on the list you gave is Cook.  hes young, but also injury prone.   He has the most value today. 

if you dont like him, I'd talk to teams and see what they would give me for him if I selected him and traded him away.  then you can get nearly any back not named Barkley, McCaffrey, or Zeke

even then, you may even be able to trade for one of them depending on the preferences of the other owners. (possibly with a throw in of sorts)

hes the player I'd likely pick up.

Mixon also has huge potential but his value lies more in the future than in the present.   ditto for Jacobs.

I dont know that Chubb is good enough to be on this list.   if he was, he would have kept Kareem Hunt on the bench.


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