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7th season NFL keeper, Free

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Our league needs a few to replace owners that haven't returned. This is a free league but has been very competitive every year. We are seeking mature, casual players to come in and take over for those who have not checked in. Overview: 12 teams, 3 divisions, scoring over all 17 weeks. IDPs, PPR, mandatory 6 keepers, live draft, linear order. Our draft is set for Wednesday Sept. 9th, @ 9pm EDT.


League Home



Teams 2019 Rosters

Team 2 (claimed)

ShakeNBakers (not reported)

brianreyes9 (claimed)

Faber College Panty Raiders (claimed)

Liberty Ave (claimed)

Background and/or Backdrop

So, why are so many teams open? What are their stories? What is the overall league vibe? Well, here goes... ShakeNBake and brianreyes were 1st year replacement owners last season, that fell off in their active participation later in the season. Team 2 was a disgruntled owner that made false accusations and inferences about how the league played out and finished and was removed due to their inability to act or communicate in a mature manner. That story of 2019 is as follows:

The day of our 2019 draft, an owner who had played with us for a few years flipped out and threw a fit at the last minute, and quit the league about an hour or so prior to the draft. This was all because of the linear draft order, that was being used in seasons prior and was the league setting for several weeks leading up to draft day, so it was no surprise to the rest of the group. So then, brianreyes9 took that team slot minutes before our draft began, via public access.

Well, this got it in another owner's head that the linear order was somehow less fair than a snake order, and that owner began trying to rouse some kind of mutiny in the draft chat, while the draft was taking place. This particular owner had a history of condescending behavior. So, in order to appease the guy whining and those who may have been in agreement with him, I reluctantly stated that the league would hold a poll to decide the pick order going forward. So, about 5 weeks or so into the year, we held the poll where 7 players voted, 4 in favor of linear order and 3 in favor of snake. Well, Mr. rabble rouser was displeased with the result and, instead of accepting the outcome like a grown man, accused the commissioner (me) of somehow altering the voting, which of course cannot even be done. So, that owner was removed.

In need of an immediate replacement, I got one of my childhood friends to join up as a favor to me. He was not a FF player and made it pretty clear that his participation would probably be extremely limited due to his profession having him work long hours, miles away from home. We just needed someone to fill the slot, so I told him I would treat his team like any other inactive or indisposed owner. Meaning that I would fill his lineup card every week but would not make any add/drops or other roster moves. It just so happens that as the season and 8 team playoff panned out, that our 2 teams made it to the championship game.

This is where the Team 2 owner got bent out of shape and out of line. Rather than just raise a question and ask for an explanation, instead made sideways jabs, underhanded comments and accusations of foul play. Which, were completely unnecessary and out of order because any mature adult with any common sense at all knows that it's pretty much a decent matter of luck along with good guesses, that gets 2 squads through the playoffs. Team 2, did not qualify in the top 8 btw.

Nonetheless, I have to assume that Liberty and Faber have not checked in due to the circumstances of the draft order, as they had expressed that they were more in favor of the minority opinion of the poll. Both of these franchises were very successful and both were good active players, plus Liberty was a founding member, so I'm saddened to have to replace them. The Ramrod team has since been replaced with another owner and we still hold out hope for previous years' owners to check in. But draft day approaches and it's time to look forward and move toward the future with some new players and hopefully similar vision.


I will need your email address in order to send an invitation. Please specify which team you would like to take over. Either PM me or leave it below. Teams will be awarded first come first serve and I'm sorry but once an invitation to a team is accepted, I will not permit anyone to switch to a different team.

Must have a level head and mature attitude. No personal attacks or character smears. This is not a league of 'smack talkers' or people trying to exploit weaknesses in the system or programming.

Must be willing to accept and play with the current settings. Instigators, agitators, smart aleks, or any other behaviors that could be considered unharmonious, will not be tolerated.

Remain active (of course) and committed to your team and other league functions such as voting on trades. 

Just have fun. The league is set up to provide an entertaining experience for all members.


I will update the available teams as they are claimed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will reply at my earliest convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. 

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