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16 Team Re Draft league 2 openings left $25 league

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Are you looking to join a re drafting league?  This season we have just a coupe spots open in our league.  We will start drafting Thursday night

$25 per entry.  You will draft your team live online in our draft room.  Round 1 will begin 9/3/20 or as soon as the league is full. This league drafts new each year.

Day 1 of the draft, each team will be required to make a pick in round one. Once completed the draft timer will be set to 3 hours time limit between 7 AM and 11 PM daily to complete all picks (timer will delay from Midnight - 6am east. although picks can continue.  If picks are not completed for the rosters prior to 9/8/18 the draft timer will be turned on to 2 minutes at 7 PM until all teams rosters are full.   Draft your team, play in a 13 weeks season of the football season, make the playoffs and compete for the top prize in the playoffs.  Rosters will be made up of  16 positions
2 QB 4RB  4 WR  2 TE 2 K 2 D
13 teams confirmed already, get in the game today.
Email fntasytime@aol.com to get set up.

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