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2 Orphans in a USFL Tribute League

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20 Team USFL Tribute League with available orphans

This is a dynasty/salary league with too many features and details to mention - salaries based on prior season scoring, Formations Rosters, IDP, Kick Returners, Punters (with scoring that makes sense), trade counter offers, draft day trading, home-away scheduling with 3 point home field advantage, scoring set up so that teams can find success by focusing on EITHER offense OR defense OR by being balanced OR by going all in on the right combionation of super stars -  it's basically the kind of league for a real fantasy nerd, not a casual player.

Hosted on MyFantasyLeague; $60 entry through LeagueSafe (covers hosting fees and buy-in) All money after hosting fees are paid out - Pay outs to 1st ($500) through 5th($50) place AND to regular season points winner and single game high score

Draft is Monday, 9/7 at 7pm EDT

Go to this link https://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=17296&O=07  To View Rosters

.  Available orphans are the  Express (draft order #2, also has pick #6 in first round), and  Bandits (draft order #8)  On that link, all rosters and salaries are current.  All rosters must be trimmed down to $219.1 million before the draft

Reply for more info or to secure the orphan you want

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Only Bandits are left.


Ryan, Matt ATL QB    348    10    $34.8m
Gore, Frank NYJ RB    118    11    $11.8m
Ingram, Mark BAL RB    305    8    $30.5m
Peterson, Adrian FA RB    188    -    $18.8m
Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q)    137    9    $13.7m
Landry, Jarvis CLE WR    272    9    $27.2m
Doyle, Jack IND TE (Q)    125    7    $12.5m
Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE    129    7    $12.9m
Ginn Jr., Ted CHI KR    0    11    $6.7m
Gonzalez, Zane ARI PK    152    8    $15.2m
McCoy, Gerald FA DT (O)    135    -    $13.5m
Suh, Ndamukong TBB DT    177    13    $17.7m
Gholston, William TBB DE    94    13    $9.4m
Simon, John NEP DE    125    6    $12.5m
Davis, Thomas WAS LB    196    8    $19.6m
Kuechly, Luke FA LB    278    -    $27.8m
McCourty, Jason NEP CB    107    6    $10.7m
Sherman, Richard SFO CB    195    11    $19.5m
Vaccaro, Kenny TEN229    7    $22.9m

Roster must be trimmed to $219.1 mil; 8th draft spot

reply if interested

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Bandits are available, and Invaders (drafting from #1 spot) are now available as well.  Draft Monday at 7pm edt

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB    348    5    $34.8m
Gordon, Melvin DEN RB (Q)    183    8    $18.3m
Harris, Damien NEP RB (Q)    2    6    $6.7m
Kamara, Alvin NOS RB    234    6    $23.4m
Montgomery, Ty NOS RB    20    6    $6.7m
Edelman, Julian NEP WR    295    6    $29.5m
Jackson, DeSean PHI WR    45    9    $6.7m
Jones, Marvin DET WR    222    5    $22.2m
Burton, Trey IND TE (D)    23    7    $6.7m
Graham, Jimmy CHI TE    117    11    $11.7m
Moncrief, Donte FA KR    0    -    $6.7m
Butker, Harrison KCC PK    203    10    $20.3m
Watt, J.J. HOU DE    132    8    $13.2m
Barr, Anthony MIN LB    178    7    $17.8m
Beasley, Vic TEN LB    141    7    $14.1m
Tavai, Jahlani DET LB    125    5    $12.5m
Bouye, A.J. DEN CB    159    8    $15.9m
Adams, Andrew TBB S    148    13    $14.8m

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