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Free ESPN Unique IDP league drafting tonight at 6PM

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Free| ESPN | Unique | IDP| 20-keepers | 1/2 PPR | Draft 9/7 at 6pm eastern

Need 3 managers for a 4th year keeper/dynasty league

link to league details and scoring: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=1277405

This is a great league if you want a no stakes way of trying out IDP, dynasty leagues or if you just want to play in a unique fantasy league to try some things out.

Highlights: 1/2 PPR league, IDP, 20 keepers (must select all 20), 15 waiver wire seasonal acquisition limit, and (my personal favorite) head coach position which is basically team offense

Draft details: The draft does not snake the 1st two rounds so hypothetically if you have 1st pick you also get 13th then snake starts so then pick 36 then 37.

Divisions/playoffs: 3 divisions of 4 teams each. you play each team in your division twice. 6 teams make the playoffs the 3 division winners (record based on your 6 division games)  and 3 wildcards (best remaining overall season records----> Points for if needed for tie break). the 2 teams with the best overall record get the week 1 byes in the playoffs. What i'm trying to say here is that you can win 5 games in your division and lose every other game and still make the playoffs with a 5-8 record (5-1 division).

Available teams:

TEAM G: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=1277405&teamId=8 Pick #1,13,36...

Dawgpound: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=1277405&teamId=11 pick 5,17,32...

Ah Aughhh: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=1277405&teamId=7 Pick # 10,22,27...

Click the link below if you would like to take a team


(i just realized if you are the first to join you are automatically given ah augh if you want the other team DM me and ill send an invite As soon as i can)

Message me for a specific team and ill get back to you as soon as i can

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