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CBS Fantasy football league (need to fill)

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This will be run through CBS: $100 per entry, $1 per add $1 per drop, $5 per trade, not required to draft a tight end, your bench must mirror your starters meaning you must draft 2QBs 4RBs 6WRs/TEs 2Ks 2 defenses, there are no negative points except for defenses giving up points (for example a quarterback doesn’t lose points if he throws a pick), and it’s full point PPR. If you or anyone you might know is interested or has any questions let me know!

Payout is: 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, and 4th 10% and is based off TOTAL WINS. 

All trades must be approved by commissioner unless it involves the commissioner then it must be approved by the league (majority)

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