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Keeper League since 1999 a few openings

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I have a few for sale teams in our keeper leagues.  $50 Keeper leagues and $75 Expert Keeper leagues.

This is the link to view the teams that are for sale. We have 10 leagues, established in 1999 online.


Rosters are made up of 17 positions - 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D and the rest are up to you
Salaries include 1 Franchise player, Up to 1 5yr, upto 3 4yr, 3yrs, 2yrs, and at least 7 1yr salaries.  The cap is 47 years for keeper leagues and 45 for expert leagues

Our leagues begin each season with Free Agency for restricted and unrestricted free agents. Free Agency is completed by bidding our our Bid boards using your Fantasy Dollars.
Then we draft to fill the remaining open roster players. The draft includes all Rookie and reaming free agents
Next begins in season play for 13 weeks with the top 8 teams making the playoffs.

All teams are sold first come first serve,  Email info@fantasytimesports.com or fntasytime@aol.com to purchase your team or ask any questions.

It is always a great time to get into the game

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