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Titans and Vikings Covid outbreak per RTSports

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Titans and Vikings

If the NFL officially postpones Steelers at Titans or Vikings at Texans without shuffling bye weeks, meaning any team has two or more off weeks, due to covid positives or contact tracing, we may do the following for your league:

  • If an extra open Week 4 is added, we will set all individual players on teams involved to injury status "covid". This means your league's covid injured reserve rules will apply. Note that we do offer a covid-only I/R option for private leagues.
  • If an extra open Week 4 is added, we will set the week as "bye week" for all teams involved. This means your league's bye week scoring rules will apply. For most leagues that is a zero. Check your rules your commissioner might use YTD average or previous week.
  • If games are rescheduled by shuffling bye weeks, we will simply update bye weeks in your league. Plan for this, Steelers and Titans might have a Week 4 bye.

These actions will only be implemented when the NFL makes an official announcement, and not based on projection or speculation. The situation is fluid and will be all season, make plans for your team to have unexpected bye weeks as the NFL is likely to reshuffle the schedule rather than have open weeks.

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