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Was offered a Trade - thoughts?

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Ok, so TE has been my weak position to this point and I was just offered a trade for Darren Waller (LV).

My Team is:

QB:   Russell Wilson  /  Tom Brady

RB:   Josh Jacobs  /  Jonathan Taylor  /  Ronald Jones  /  Devin Singletary  /  Zach Moss  /  Nyheim Hines

WR:  Adam Theilan  /  DK Metcalf  /  Terry McLaurin  /  Marquise Brown

TE:   Evan Engram

PK:   (who really cares)

DST:   Pittsburgh


I was sent 2 offers:     (1) Darren Waller for Tom Brady and Terry McLaurin    or    (2)   Darren Waller and Joshua Kelly  for Tom Brady, Marquise Brown and Ronald Jones

Looking for input  -  would you make the trade for Waller and if so, which offer?    It seems like alot to part with for Waller, but it certainly would solidify my TE production.

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I don’t like either one.  

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I don't mind trade 1, especially if there are a few "serviceable" QB on waivers (Fitz, Stafford, Tannehill, Bridgewater).  Terry is being squandered in that offense.  

I'd like this trade even better if you could drop Hines and grab another WR on waivers.  

Trade 2 seems like a non-starter after Kelley's performance last night.  I'd take RoJo over Kelley.

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