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Why do Ravens Wr suck?

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Duvernay and Boykin were both 3rd round picks, so they're expected to be quality players.  I can understand Duvernay a bit more than Boykin since he's a rookie and not really on the field that much, but he's there more and more every week.  That said, he's a smaller/slot type guy so my guess is route running needs to be the focus for him and learning the system/NFL on the fly with little to no off-season.

Boykin is a bigger/outside type player who seems to be not really be improving.  As Duvernay gets more playing time, it's coming at the expense of Boykin because his is dropping every week as Duvernay goes up every week.

Brown should be targeted more, I'm thinking.  Last year, he averaged 5 targets per game and this year only 6.  That's not enough.  It also seems to be that this one target is coming at the expense of Andrews (not directly of course), but his target share has dropped from 6.5 per game to 5.9 per game.

Last year Jackson averaged 26.7 pass attempts and 11.7 rush attempts per game.  This year he's at 27.4 and 10, so nothing's really changing in the offense.  Sure, last year they were 13-2 under Jackson and already at 3 loses this year, so regression is clear.  But why?  I don't really watch their games because, well, they're Baltimore and I really don't care.  But the numbers tell me that it's a combination of a few factors...

  • Teams are figuring out how to stop the Ravens offense.
  • The receivers aren't that good
  • Jackson's not really that good of a passer to make his WR's better.

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I think it's a couple of things.

For one, they tend to be a running team. Lamar Jackson is valuable because of his rushing numbers, if he had to rely strictly on his passing stats, he wouldn't even be a decent back up fantasy QB. So, the opportunity is limited for big WR numbers.

Also, and I think this may be more the case, they just haven't had very good WRs. Sure they have had guys that look good on paper, but it's never panned out on the field. Even once they leave and go elsewhere, they don't often put up big numbers.

Look at Torrey Smith for example. He looked like a potentially excellent WR, and he was pretty good, but once he left Baltimore he was out of the NFL in two years after two subpar seasons on different teams. They are kind of like Philly, they just never seem to have good talent at WR for whatever reason.

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