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Arozarena arrested in Mexico for aducting daughter

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He got a ton of positive publicity during the 2020 MLB playoffs for the Tampa Bay Rays.  But this could destroy that.


Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena was released by Mexican authorities on Thursday, two days after he was taken into custody over an alleged incident involving his daughter, according to The Associated Press.

Arozarena was arrested on Tuesday in Yucatan — a Mexican state along the Gulf of Mexico — after allegedly trying to abduct his daughter from her mother’s home and assaulting the woman’s father.

He was released on Thursday after his daughter’s mother said she did not want to press charges and that any damages had been settled, per the report.

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Nothing's going to come of this. He's been released.  No charges filed.  No report of him laying a hand on the ex or the daughter.  Just a blurb about hitting her ex's dad.  Players get in to on-field fights all the time.  This is no worse than that.  

If it comes out later that he hit the babymama, that could be a lengthy suspension. 

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