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SOS! Please pick 3 RB's to start. Will answer yours.

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Going to go with 3 of these below with one at Flex.   Please pick your 3 with rank in order of the 3.  Will answer you.



Brian Hill vs. LV

Mostert @ LA Rams

Gallman @ Cinci

Ekeler @ Buf

D. Montgomery @ GB

Please pick 3 in confidence order.  Thanks and good luck!!

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Hill and Montgomery both are healthy and should give you a solid floor. The Bills (sadly, since they are my favorite team) have been terrible against the run, so Ekeler could be great... but he hasn’t played in a couple months, so they might not use him much or he might not be back in game shape. Gallman is a safer pick, and has put up double digits the last 4 weeks he played.

So, Hill, Montgomery, Gallman seems like the best trio to guarantee some points in each slot. Mostert and Ekeler are unknowns, with Ekeler having a matchup with a bad run D if you want to take a big boom/bust chance... he could do nothing...

I posted with a PPR flex question if you want to throw in an opinion on that. 🙂

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