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Well crap

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In the league I'm in, the playoffs go for 2 weeks each. So this week is Week 1 of the Championship and of course next Week is the final. I faced Kamara today and of course I'm in a huge hole. Not only did he score 56.2pts, I left Thielen and his 16.5 on my bench. He almost cost me the past couple of weeks so I decided not to try it again. I did start Dalvin but he only got the 1 TD (16.5pts) instead of the several he could have had (they gave 2 to Irvin, 1 to Boone and 1 to Thielen). This is a 8 team PPR. I hate that small of the league but its a 2nd year work league so I played. Anyway here is my team

QB Murray, Herbert and I picked up Hurts this week to either us or block my opponent from using

RB Dalvin, Ekeler, Taylor, Jacobs

WR  AJ Brown, Aiyuk, Thielen, Dionte Johnson

TE Henry (covid) Goedert and I picked up Kittle last week in preparation for his return

K  Tucker

D :Steelers

Right now my starting lineup is

QB Murray but should I go Hurts

RB Cook, Ekeler

WR AJ Brown Aiyuk

Flex Jonathan Taylor

TE Kittle

D Steelers

K  Tucker


What if anything would you do different? It may all be for nothing but I wont give up. Never know what next week holds


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D Johnson. 

Jacobs in the flex. 

Good luck. 

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Since you already benched Theilen (It happens), I like your lineup just fine....upside players at every position, except QB

I think you are almost forced to roll Hurts out there and hope for upside week.

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