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$20 NFL Playoff Power Ranking Pool - LeagueSafe – RunYourPool.com

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Come join my NFL Playoff Power Ranking Pool! I've got 27 entries with 20 people paid up so far. Looking to get as many people as possible so let me know if you're interested in joining and/or you know anyone who would want to join. 

Host site: RunYourPool.com

Entry fee: $20 USD per entry on Leaguesafe (no max entries)  

Payouts: Top 3 people with the most points at the end of the playoffs will split the pot as follows (after subtracting the website fee that RunYourPool charges):

1st Place: 60% of the pot

2nd Place: 30% of the pot

3rd Place: 10% of the pot

How to play:
Rank all 14 NFL teams competing in the NFL Playoffs from strongest (14 points) to weakest (1 point). All picks must be in before the first playoff game starts and can not be changed once the games are underway. Members are awarded the number of points assigned to an NFL team when that team wins, with a multiplier for each round.

The multipliers are as follows:
Wild Card Weekend:                  10 points
Divisional Playoffs:                     12 points
Conference Championships:      15 points
Super Bowl:                                20 points

Note: Teams on bye this week do not earn any points.

When you set up your entry and go to “Make Your Picks” under the “Your Picks” menu it will take you to a screen with all 14 playoff teams listed.

You can move/drag those teams around in the order you prefer. The better you think a team will do, the more points you want to assign to that team. You allocate points 1 through 14 to the 14 teams listed. For example, you will notice that the default assigns 14 points to Kansas City. If you keep Kansas City at 14 points, and Kansas City wins any game in the playoffs, you will receive 14 points times a multiplier depending on what round of the playoffs the win came in. At the end of the playoffs, the 3 people with the most total points win.

How to Enter:

1. https://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=142072&p=wycrxs 

2. Fill out the form information if required (not needed if you’re already logged in), including a personal username and password. 

3. Select the number of entries you wish to have and then move the teams around to make your selections for each entry.

How to Pay:

  1. 1. https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3960060

  2. 2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Pay Now'.

3. Make an account if you don't already have one.

4. Once logged in, you can proceed to pay either by E-Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, or LeagueSafe balance. 

Entry deadline: The system locks everyone out at first kick off (Saturday January 9th at 1:05 p.m.) so make sure you submit your picks before then. Make sure you click "Submit Picks" at the bottom of the screen when you're done. 

Entry payment is due by first kickoff as well. Any unpaid entries by Saturday January 9th at 1:05pm will be deleted immediately.

Feel free to email me at sameer.haji23@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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