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NFL Playoff League - LeagueSafe

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12 Paid Teams - $1,200 Winner Take All First Prize right, prize will increase with more entries. Only 8 Spots Available 



Played on FantasyPostseason.com - Entry Fees paid through LeagueSafe https://leaguesafe.com/join/3959399

8 of 20 spots available, 1 Team per manager $100.00 Entry per team.

Starts January 9th with the first weekend of the NFL Playoffs. Entries can be entered up until the last game of Saturday 1/9 as long as spots are available.

Winner take all $2,000                                                                                                         100% Payout, If we do not get 20 entries the prize money will be adjusted for the number of entries.

Salary Cap / DFS style, set your lineup weekly throughout NFL playoffs. Build a new roster every week and accumulate points weekly all the way up to the Super Bowl. Players can be used more than once throughout playoffs.

For an idea of how the salary cap will work. The cap is currently at $150.00 per week, top tier players will be $35.00, and less talented players will be priced lower ranging from $5 - $30. This will be a lot like a 4 week DFS Tournament, you will reset your roster every week.

Players can be used more than once, not a one and done format.

Limit of 15 Roster Moves for each team, so strategy will be needed when choosing your team roster.  

Weekly roster consist of - 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-Flex/RB-WR-TE, 1-K, 1-DST  



Passing Yards

1 pt per 20.0 yds  /  .05 per yard

    Passing Yards Bonus

5.0 pts at 300 yds; 10.0 pts at 400 yds

Passing Touchdowns

4 pts.

Passing Completions

.20 pts.


-2 pts.


Rushing Yards

1 pt per 10.0 yds / .10 per yard

      Rushing Yards Bonus

5.0 pts at 100 yds; 7.0 pts at 150 yds; 10.0 pts at 200 yds

Rushing Touchdowns

6 pts.

Rushing Attempts

.05 per Attempt


Receiving Yards

1 pt per 10.0 yds / .10 per yard

Receiving Yards Bonus

5.0 pts at 100 yds; 7.0 pts at 150 yds; 10.0 pts at 200 yds

Receiving Touchdown

6 pts.


1 pt.


Field Goals 0-39 Yards -  3 pts.

Field Goals 40-49 Yards -  3.5 pts.

Field Goals 50+ Yards -   5 pts.

Extra Pt. -  1pt.

Defense / Special Teams

Sack 1 pt.

Interception 2 pts.

Fumble Recovery 2 pts.

Safety 2 pts.

Touchdown 6 pts.

Blocked Kick 2 pts.

Defensive Yards Allowed

Yards Allowed 0-99 / 10 pts.

Yards Allowed 100-199/ 7pts

Yards Allowed 200-299/ 5pts

Yards Allowed 300-399/ 0pts

Yards Allowed 400-499/-1pts

Yards Allowed 500+ / -3pts

Defensive Points Allowed

Points Allowed 0 / 10 pts

Points Allowed 1-6 / 7 pts.

Points Allowed 7-13 / 4 pts

Points Allowed 14-20 / 1 pt

Points Allowed 21-27 / 0 pts

Points Allowed 28-34 / -1 pt

Points Allowed 35+ / -4 pts


Player Return Touchdown

6 pts.

Fumbles Lost

- 2 pts.

2-Point Conversions

2 pts.

If you are not already a Fantasy Postseason member, please create an account at 


 and navigate directly to the League's page with this link 



Payment can be made through LeagueSafe -


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