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32 Team Dynasty NFL Themed Dynasty League PPR, IDP Looking for 1 New Replacement Owners (Filled)

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     Very active and solid group of owners while also very competitive.  We are looking for 1 new replacement owner. 

League Highlights:

*League Dues $50 a Year and we use Leaguesafe
*1 copy per per league
*Salary Cap
* RFA Tags
*Transition Tags
*Annual Rookie Draft 4 rounds
*TMQB and TMPK.  Every 3 year auction on TMQB and TMPK and this year we will be having the auction for these 2 positions.

The open team is the New York Giants

Looking for active owners, that like competition, and have a fun time in a league with little or no drama.

League Link: https://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/36529#0

If you have any interest please let me know.  Either PM or email me at recruitingcoop@gmail.com

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