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New Year / New Owner? The Fantasy Football League Needs 1

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Happy New League  Year! And thanks for checking out my post.
I run a 12-team Keeper League (up-to-3) on RTSports.com.  We lost 2 owners to retirement and still have 1 team available.


Not gonna’ lie…team is a bit of a project.
-Drafts in 5th position (snake) but traded away Round 1 pick (will be reinstated, but at end of 1st round).
-Potential Keepers include P Mahomes / T Kelce / D Swift.
- 80% of teams have been w/the league for 4+ years. Most say it’s their favorite league.
- Champ prize = $1000. Fees = $110 via LeagueSafe

League Guest Url = https://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/61396
Feel free to message me w/questions or email me direct – Xpatriate@live.com .

Thanks again!

Jim Hauck
The Fantasy Football League

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