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Orphan Sale starting at 11:00 am Saturday, 65 orphans with no Commish Fees

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We are having an Orphan sale this weekend at Masters. 65 Orphans will go up for sale with no commish fee, that is about a 25% savings on Tins, 15% on Coppers, 10% on Bronzes and not much on Silvers and Golds.  Many of these leagues are 10+ years old click here to see the available Orphans.  The sale Orphans will come on line at exactly 11:00 am Tomorrow and the sale runs through midnight Sunday.
Here is a link to our dynasty youtube chanel, just posted our best video yet on a player you might not have thought about for 1.1 in your rookie drafts.
All leagues are 12 team leagues with ppr and blind bidding for fa's

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