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3 orphans left.. Dynasty, 32 team double copy, DEVY..

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GOT theme league, has 3 orphans to fill , league link is here:  https://www53.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/16217#0

5 team Dispersal, link to assets here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Af0J08s_PsPYFP0ZGt0zaWJ8FFrZB7y3uJe5F9IXG_k/edit?usp=drivesdk

commish email: Eric-  57martel57@gmail.com

$50 fee + $25 covering any trades of 2022 picks, total of $75 to join in 2021....

New owners are not taking over a team roster, you will be in a Dispersal Draft in which you draft players and draft picks that are on the Dispersal draft Asset link above....

this is also a Devy league in which you can draft one Devy player each year, has to be NFL Draft eligible player in 2022 tho in otherwards can't draft freshman or true sophomores; can only have one Devy player on your roster at a time, in otherwards you cannot trade for Devy players and accumulate them...

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