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Brand New Startup 42 Team League - 3 copies of each player in the database - $125 - Leaguesafe - Bestball Scoring

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With a prize pool of a $300 14 team league, we can get you in for this $125 - 42 team league

There are 3 versions of each player in the database you can select.
But you cannot own more than 1. The system will not let you.

There will be bestball scoring, in a H2H format. 
So you never have to set a lineup each week, but you will have a weekly matchup in your division.

Theme is: Fictional Athletes
There will be team banners, league banners all created. So the site will follow a theme.

email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join

$125 entry via leaguesafe
2 TE starting
Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring

Total Starters:    12
Number of Starting QBs:    1-2
Number of Starting RBs:    2-4
Number of Starting WRs:    3-5
Number of Starting TEs:    2-4
Number of Starting Defs:    1-2

Please keep in mind you can start 1-2 defenses, so they are more valuable than normal.

These leagues are quite the easy fill cause of the demand. But always looking for new blood.


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