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Looking for owners for a $50 12 Team Best Ball Dynasty League on Sleeper

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Looking for very active owners.  Owners who are active in season and in the off season.  Owners who are active in trade negotiations in season and off season and active on the message board.  Please do not ask to join if you aren’t an active owner.  This is a best ball dynasty league meaning the optimal lineup is started at the end of each week.  However you are still able to make trades and add/drops.  The only best ball feature is the scoring.  League will be ran on Sleeper.  $50 buy in.  1st place is $400 and 2nd place is $200.  Will use leaguesafe to collect and distribute winnings.  You can make trades 2 years into the future.  So for this current season you can trade your 2022 and 2023 picks.  3 round rookie draft held every offseason.  Rookie draft will be a slow draft usually held a week after the actual NFL draft.  

1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 6 FLEX, 1 SUPERFLEX, 14 BENCH Spots.  

Blind bidding waivers 

No trade vetos

8 Teams make the playoffs 

Half point PPR, Half Point per rushing/receiving first down.  4.5 points per passing TD and some other minor bonuses.  

Please let me know if interested.  Email me at jyaniscavich@yahoo.com


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