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Entering Season 8. Keeper. Free

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Our league needs a few to replace owners that haven't returned. This is a free league but has been very competitive every year. We are seeking mature, casual players to come in and take over for those who have not checked in. Overview: 12 teams, 3 divisions, scoring over all 17 weeks. IDPs, PPR, mandatory 6 keepers, live draft, linear order. Our draft is set for Sunday Sept. 5th, @ 9pm EDT.

Available Teams

Shortstack   Picking 2nd. Owned 1 year. Absentee owner, team unmanaged other than lineup changes in 2020.

Powsauce   Picks 3rd. Owned 1 year. Near .500. Managed well. Owner yet to report.

RUNNING WILD  Picks 6th. Owned 6 years. Perennially middle of the road franchise. No report. 

Jittery Jets  2020 league champion. Owned 1 year. Historically successful franchise.



I will need your email address in order to send an invitation. Please specify which team you would like to take over. Either PM me or leave it below. Teams will be awarded first come first serve and I'm sorry but once an invitation to a team is accepted, I will not permit anyone to switch to a different team.

Must have a level head and mature attitude. No personal attacks or character smears. This is not a league of 'smack talkers' or people trying to exploit weaknesses in the system or programming.

Must be willing to accept and play with the current settings. Instigators, agitators, smart aleks, or any other behaviors that could be considered unharmonious, will not be tolerated.

Remain active (of course) and committed to your team and other league functions such as voting on trades. 

Just have fun. The league is set up to provide an entertaining experience for all members.


I will update the available teams as they are claimed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will reply at my earliest convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. 

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