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Ranking issue after applying Custom Scoring

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Hey Mike,

I have a problem with positional rankings for specific players where I have applied custom scoring.  They all zoom to the top of their position ranking even though they don’t have the points to merit being ranked that high.

For example, I gave Tony Pollard some custom scoring for return yards (600 yards add 1fp per 12 yards).  His new total is 179 projected points, which would rank him RB27 according to our scoring system.  But after compiling, DB is placing him at RB1 position (row 5) with 179 points.  Meanwhile, the RB2 (C. McCaffrey) has 354 projected points.  It’s purely a sorting issue.

The problem only occurs on the position-specific worksheets.  The overall ranking WS has everyone sorted correctly.

I’m visualizing the projected FP in column U ‘2021 Projected’ but maybe a different column is used for sorting players?

Any ideas? 

BTW – I feel like we have discussed this in prior years but I couldn’t find an exchange and I still have the issue…

Thanks for your attention.

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Glad you figured it out! I think it is a bit tricky, but the thing to remember about the custom scoring tab is there are two main options - 1. add the data from the custom fields to scoring, and 2. simply sort the players by data in the custom fields. #2 would override #1 if it is enabled.

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