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Herbert or Cousins? Am I overthinking it?

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I’m in a 16 deep team league.  Get 4 pts passing TD, 6 pt rush TD, bonuses at 250 passing and rush combined and every 25 yards thereafter.  

Herbett on the road vs. The Fottball Team in a tough cross country matchup 


Cousins at Bengals (good weather) . 

Of course I’d prefer to go w/ my #1 QB over Cousins but w/ a new head coach, new OC in LA and Cousins with a more favorable matchup.   Am I overthinking it or who would you go with?  

Thanks and good luck today! 

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This is why I ordinarily don't draft a backup QB (unless it's a Lance/Fields with huge upside and a chance to start later/dangle as trade bait). Too many headaches.

I prefer Cousins this week but you drafted Herbert for a reason - you probably are overthinking it, but I expect they'll finish fairly close together regardless.

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