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Elijah Mitchell: Sell High?

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49 minutes ago, Hair McNair said:

"Can you believe that one year I spent my entire budget on Elijah Mitchell???" Future fantasy lament.


This receives the Æ™ Crystal Ball award.

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1 hour ago, nobody said:

Are you talking about Kerryon?  If so, I wouldn't be concerned about him.  He already got cut by two teams this year right?  They just need someone who can take a handoff at this point. 

Although, I never understand why they don't sign people off of practice squads.  I don't get why they don't poach Trey Ragas from the Raiders.  He was Eli Mitchell's running mate and ran the exact same outside run scheme.  I guess Kerryon will at least be a good pass protector and won't just brain fart.

No I was talking about Cannon, lol it’s messy.  


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