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QB - it's killing me

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12 team. Non PPR 20yds = 1 PT. 6 points for all TDs .1 per yd rushing

I have Tannehill (ranked 21st) that is my normal starter. But I've been holding onto and waiting on Justin Fields (34th). Well.... its not going well, especially the Fields experiment and its the main reason I end up losing. I've been thinking of going ahead and cutting one or both of them. Free agents to choose from are

Sam Darnold - was looking good up until last week but has the best avg and points (ranked 10th in our leagues scoring) 

Matt Ryan - on bye this week. (ranked 13th) Turned a corner?

Jameis Winston - on bye this week, 2 good games and 3 mediocre (14th)

Heinicke - may not have the job much longer (19th)

Goff - already have Swift and not really excited about this one (20th)

Wentz - ankles? but did go for over 400 last week. has about the same avg as Tannehill (21st) because of 1 bad week. plays Houston this week  (22nd)

Lawerence - not sure about this one. less than Tannehill, has had a couple decent games but others were lackluster (23rd)

There are others but they have less points and a lower avg than Tannehill so whats the point

What do yall think ?



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I honestly don't think anyone of the Free Agents is a sure thing and better than tannehill.  Have to think he turns it around with AJ brown back and hopefully Julio coming back soon.  I would probably stick it out with what you got now.

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