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Aaron Jones for AJ brown

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Just made a trade deadline deal in dynasty auction ppr league, where I’m rebuilding for future.

gave up aaron Jones ($11) for AJ Brown ($9). Start 2rbs and 3wr. $100 cap

now have

dobbins ($4), Dillon ($1)

AJ brown (9), Pittman (4), jeudy (8), waddle (8)

Think I got most value possible for a declining dynasty asset.  Thoughts?




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I think you gain a couple of bucks.  AJ Brown is scary based on injuries. 

So I see the two players as a even switch. 

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I agree with your assessment.  However, I think my team team is still a year a way from competing with the dominant teams of the league unless a few things go my way.   By that team, i think Jones value is much lower, (will be 28 years old and probably leaving GB based on his contract) so I think i maximized my return on A Jones.

I would need Pittman, Jeudy, or Waddle to turn into studs next year.  definitely possible but asking alot.  Right now I project going into the draft with $66 dollars to spend with needs of RB1, TE and QB plus backups. 

High end RB available in draft usually go $25-$32.  Top WRs, if available go for high teens to mid 20's usually. High End TE's usually 8-15. Kelce was kept at 17 this year and he's the ceiling.  No one really wants to spend a ton on a QB in the league so deals can be had.  So will have decent amount of salary to build out the rest of my team.

QB - Watson (1)
RB - Dobbins (4), Dillion (3)
WR - AJ Brown (11), Pittman (6), Jeudy (9), Waddle (10)

Definitely made some risky trades but wasn't winning with my core so changed my whole team up.




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I can see how you’re setting it up for next season, and if Jones does leave the Packers you have a pretty good start at rb with Dobbins and Dillon.  

You needed the money and you’ve done a good job of doing that, while building for the near future.  


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