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Sf/te premium startup

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Sf/te premium startup!

PostSat Mar 19, 2022 9:28 pm 

Hello! Our SF TEP league start up is looking for a active owners. It is a 12 man league with a $50 (55.84 with site fees) buy in (two years up front). We have 25 roster spots and unlimited 3 year taxi squad. The league also uses league safe for payment and GroupMe for communication. Our site is hosted on MyFantasyLeague and we will have a retro theme.

Two unique aspects of our league are the standing system and consolation bracket. Standings are determined by a combination of head to head wins, play-all wins, and points scored (fully explained in bylaws below). We have found that this creates a nice balance of chance, fairness, and competitive head to head fun. Our consolation bracket offers opportunities for non-playoff teams to win up to a first round pick. This is a helpful measure in limiting tanking and helping teams "stuck in the middle."

Roster is:
2 RB
3 Wr
1 TE
1 super flex
1 RB/wr/te flex

Please DM me or email jzav113@gmail.com if interested. League is active and competitive. Below are the bylaws, and site link:


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nvpi7L ... p=drivesdk


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