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$100 Entry - Superflex, 2 TE, TE Premium, Tiered PPR Dynasty League - Movie Character Theme

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$100 - 52 team, 4 copy - submit lineups, w/ playoffs
start May 1st AFTER NFL DRAFT
Movie Characters theme

By 4 copy that means there are 4 of each player in the database. So essentially 4 different 13 team leagues compiled together. 
But you cannot own the same player more than one at a time.


I do one league each year, and everyone MUST qualify to sign up. Having to meet 1 or more of 4 criteria.
--- #1 - Be in 1 or less leagues with me previous to signing up to it.
--- #2 - Have taken over an orphan in one of my leagues in the last 3 years.
--- #3 - If you have brought a friend to join a league.
--- #4 - Since some very generous people won't qualify under those rules above (people who have tipped the commish in the past, auto qualify)

I also have another 46 leagues in this format, that house over 1,100 teams. This format is growing faster and faster. 
Plus we have a great core community that loves to liven up the group chat, lots of fun, lots of laughs.


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