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2 Openings Left In A 40 Team Dynasty College Theme IDP, PPR, High Scoring (Start Up Redraft)

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This is a high-scoring and large roster redraft startup dynasty league. It will have a College Football Theme with extras. This will be a 90-round vet draft and then right after a 10-round rookie draft.

This started out as a 40-team league 5 years ago and then expanded to 80 teams 4 years ago. WIth COVID out of the picture, this league took a hit on owners not coming back like a lot of other leagues. We retained 36 owners and have 2 that have joined which leaves us with 2 openings.

Draft Order will be random through MFL for the vet draft, and the rookie draft will be in the opposite order of the vet. So if you have the last pick in the vet draft you'll have the 1st pick in the rookie draft. The draft will be a snake draft. We are looking to start the draft next around Monday, May 16th.

I'm still doing some clean-up on the league home page with teams that are not filled teams and they will be removed once the league is filled. Also need to double-check settings before I get started with the draft order.

Theme (College Football)
1 Conference with 5 Divisions (Each division represents a power 5 NCAA Conference)
Conference Championship Brackets
8 team National College Football Bracket
6 Major Bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Peach, Fiesta) Brackets
1 8 team Minor Money Bowl (Optimist Bowl) Bracket
1 8 team Minor Toliet Bowl (Bragging Rights Bowl) Bracket
Weekly Polls

League Highlights
40 teams (8 teams per division)
1 player copy per division (Can only trade with your division)
90 active player roster spots
20 TS spots will be an extension of the active roster
10 IR spots for IR/Suspended players
Pure dynasty with no contracts (Keep the players as long as you want if you have room for them)
Off-season monthly waivers blind bidding
In-season blind bidding waivers.
High Scoring...IDP players are very important In this league
Full IDP
Dynasty league PPR
Annual rookie draft
$50 dues yearly but $100 will be the dues for the 1st year (Paid for 2022 and 2023)
NFL pick and Survivor Pools

The 2 openings left  are both in the Big 12

The teams available are listed below:

Iowa State Cyclones-
Kansas Jayhawks-
Kansas State Wildcats-
Oklahoma State Cowboys-
West Virginia Mountaineers-
Baylor Bears-

This will be a very deep roster league. Please read through everything to make sure this league is for you.

League Link below.

If you have an interest or questions let me know. You can reach me via DM or email at recruitingcoop@gmail.com


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