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Masters Famous Fill Sale Wed 6 pm ET, 89 Leagues need 1

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Masters Annual famous dynasty league fill sale is tomorrow night at 6:00 pm ET, We will be posting 89 teams and each team is the fill for its league. Most of these teams are excellent and none are garbage, they all have multiple good dynasty pieces. We also have a few teams up for sale right now and they are in excellent shape also. These teams will be priced at $41, $68, $121, $285 and $560. No deposit is required as it was paid by previous owner, that makes these teams 1/2 the price of a fresh league. These teams will post promplty at 6:00 pm ET.

With over 700 leagues and 8,200 individual dynasty franchises Masters is one of the leading places on the web to play dynasty fiootball, in business since 2008 we have never folded a league.

click here to see the available Orphans

Orphan Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285 and Gold $561

We also have about 10 fresh dynasty leagues currently filling, Tins $82,  Coppers $138, Bronze $242, Silver $585, Gold $1100 and Platinum $2200. Those prices do include the 1 year deposit. Some of these are auction leagues.

click here to see dynasty rules and schedule

Bronze ($127) Live redraft Wednesday night? Masters has a Bronze ($127) Redraft Live draft at 8:00 pm, we are paying an extra $200 to the winner of that league. we have been running Live drafts since the beginning of May if you are looking to draft now.

click here to see redraft rules and schedule

All Master’s Leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR with blind bidding for waivers

If you do not have a leaguesafe account you will need to create one. Upon reaching the join/payment screen click signup top right hand corner and follow the instructions takes 30 seconds. This is a onetime thing and makes everything easier going forward.

Questions? Please email us at masters@mastersfantasyleagues.com. We will do all we can to exceed your expectations!!

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