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open teams IDP, contract, dynasty league - 16 teams

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We had an unfortunate situation in our leagues and have openings in both leagues. We have to replace a father son combinations in both leagues and another owner.

A brief history of our leagues - The Insane Asylum started in 2012 and the guys in the league really enjoyed the league so by request we started The Man Cave for the 2015 season. We still have most owners having teams in both leagues. The scoring and setup of the leagues goes back to the early 2000’s. We have very little turnover on an annual basis. Experienced Commish who has run both leagues since they formed.

The league fee is $60 per year. We are through the draft and auction process and some of the teams have traded all of next year's picks so we are allowing the new owner to pay $60 to cover the cost of the 2023 season and play the 2022 season for free.

We have a balanced scoring system where IDP’s scores are a very important part of the league. We have had a defensive player lead our league in scoring in the past. We have a far more accurate scoring system for QB’s and RB’s. The QB loses points for an incompletion and a RB loses points on a run for no gain. So, a QB who has a horrible game will not save his day because of garbage points. If his completion percentage was low and very little to show in TD’s or yards his score will not be good.

We start a QB, plus 5 offensive players (RB, WR and TE plus 2 flex)
We start 2 DE, 1DT, 3LBers, 2CB, 2 Safeties and 1 flex plus a kicker and punter

The leagues have several rules that allow you to have very good control over your roster:

Contracts – after an annual auction for players whose contract expired you give out contracts that vary from 1 to 4 years for players won in the auction (2.5 years times the number of free agents won). Years ago, I played in a salary cap league where a bad owner can blow up an entire league (I took over an abandoned team that the rules made it impossible to rebuild). I have found that having contracts like this is a far better way to keep players rotating and not having one owner be able to destroy the league with bad salary decisions.

Rookie draft - The rookies get a 5 year contracts plus we have a taxi squad to keep rookies until they blossom into productive players.

Franchise and Transition tags - we give each owner the right to use 2 tags annually: a franchise tag (allows you to keep the player and he automatically gets a 4 year contract) and a transition tag (allows you to match the top offer for that player). We use worst to first weekly waivers which allows teams to rebuild quicker.


The Man Cave - now filled

The Insane Asylum - 3 open teams

The league site is:


Open 12th


Open Bed


Open Loon



If interested or have a question please contact me by a message on this site.


Thank you for your interest.

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