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$100-12 Team/IDP/DYNASTY/H2H/Start up

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DataForce hosts the league and serves as COMMISSIONER of the league, NOT me. I am just the guy who created the league.

*Buy-in is $100.00 *12 Team/IDP/DYNASTY/H2H *Dataforce has its own default scoring and cannot be customized.

To join go to the Website https://www.dataforceff.com/fantasy-football-lobby our league is at the bottom.

*Email Snake Draft: DataForce will automatically update the draft times to ensure it finishes before the NFL season begins. The draft will take place through MyFantasyLeague.

*Payouts: Dataforce retains % for commissioner duties/hosting fee
Toilet Bowl 1-$24
Toilet Bowl 2-$12

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Place Kicker
2 Defensive Linemen
3 Linebackers
3 Defensive Backs
12 Bench Players

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