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Sutton vs Keenan Allen - Need WR

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My team is 5-2 and in a good spot right now but I could use some help at WR in a full PPR league.


My team:

QB: Brady, Fields

RB: CMC, Walker, Pierce, Brian Robinson, D. Harris

WR: Deebo, Sutton, Diontae Johnson, Lazard, WanDale, Bateman, DJ Moore

TE: Kelce (bye this week)

I've been trying to acquire Gabe Davis but the owner wont budge. I looked at Olave as an option but it would probably cost me Pierce (ugh) and Sutton/Johnson (fine) if the team even wanted to deal (they are on my ass in the standings).

What about Keenan Allen? I know he's had his injury issues this year but with Mike Williams now hurt and him being past his bye next week it could be a little but of an upgrade over Sutton/Johnson who are hard to trust and start. Would a Sutton + Harris for Allen deal be too much? I'm also looking at a 2 for 1 if possible to free up roster space to grab a temp TE this week. Otherwise I'd probably drop Bateman for the spot start. I'm hesitant to trade Pierce because of CMC's injury history but if the right deal came along I'd probably do it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I’m not sure Sutton/ Harris would be enough for Allan now that m Williams is going to be missing a lot of time. B


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You could look at every team with 2 good WR’s and trade Pierce or Walker for them. 
Personally I would stand pat with your team, unless you have to start 3 WR and only can start 2 RB.

I just got a deal for Olave and Taysom hill( Hall owner) for Pierce in half PPR.

I was rejected trying to get Godwin, Evans, and Debo. Had Waddle for Pierce offer on table but I rejected.

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