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Trade ideas

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I have maybe the most stacked team Iv hard for a long time in a 10 man PPR league. 
my team is below 

RB - walker lll, B.Hall, Etienne, B.Robinson, K.Williams , Dillion 

WR - Diggs, Metcalf, A.Brown, London 

TE Kelce 

with a strong RB stable I was thinking of a trade to strengthen WR Metcalf can go hit and coke and brown is fighting with targets with smith and London has talent but a run first offence. 

I was think walker lll to trade away but not sure what level of return I should be looking at. One team has lost chubb and Jones. He had Mike evans would that be a fair deal ? 

the adams owns also is weak on rb could package a rb and London for adams or am I giving up to much ? 

grateful for any advice ideas 

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The way Rbs are going down to injuries I would keep what you have, you have a very good team.  No need to fix want isn’t broken. 

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