Need 2 WR and flex Kupp @ SF 5th Another road game for Goff... Kupp seemed to pass protect the first 3 quarters.... not sure I can risk him getting garbage time again... Edit dropped Sanders for Perriman against Houston. McLaurin vs NYG 28th. He broke off a long TD on a short pass last week and Haskins has actually looked ok.. Repeat big game? Fuller @ TB 32nd. Heavy usage last week, but Stills stole all the TD’s.. Also opponent is starting Watson. Edit Washington @ LAC 22nd. This offense is just pathetic.... 10 pts last week against the best matchup.... I envision a performance like Fournette 2 weeks ago.. 7 pts...   So I got Perriman. im thinking Fuller, McLaurin, Perriman. Or do I drop one of these WR’s for Washington. Leave a link and I will respond.