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  1. Byrdman5

    Kupp for Godwin?

    Walker or Griffen. I'm pretty much a lock to get a first round bye.
  2. Byrdman5

    Kupp for Godwin?

    Thinking or offering Josh Allen, Kupp, and Waller for Godwin. I plan to drop Allen so no loss there... and I have Henry as my other TE. Kupp has a bad playoff schedule and Goff is sucking. Godwin gets DET which means Slay of Evans and Godwin should have a good game and then Houston in the championship. Other team has Rivers as his only Qb and is on bye... then they have Rudolph on bye and Hooper injured at TE..... funny they tried to trade Godwin for Kupp straight up week 2 or 3 and I declined.
  3. Byrdman5

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    I thought I posted this on a little help board WTF...
  4. Byrdman5

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    Totally thinking the same thing... I grabbed Wentz when my I could move Fuller to IR... But now I’m rethinking it and could keep Allen one more week..I’m thinking Allen has about a 13pt floor but could go off again? Foles is still hard to analyze... Tennessee is coming off the bye. I would probably choose Allen over Foles. My QB streamer of the week is Driskel, impressed me against Dallas.
  5. Byrdman5

    QB Rest of Season

    I like Darnold... but I’m 2nd guessing about dropping Josh Allen now. He looked so good last week and Kirk did good against Denver.
  6. Have to go with Williams after his big game.
  7. Byrdman5

    Thanks for your Advice

    Hope the second part was Kyle and not Josh or Brandon.
  8. Byrdman5

    QB Advice - Drop Goff ?

    Lol Haskins... I think he had 30 yards at half against a bad jets team.. he also had 2 fumbles, but was lucky he didn’t lose either. Jimmy doesn’t play the cards again so I wouldn’t grab him. Darnold has a nice 3 game stretch. So maybe Foles has ok schedule ROS I think Driskel is the play next week against the skins. Edit ps Goff was droppable after his game against the Niners week 6.
  9. Byrdman5

    What Do You Need Tonight? - Week 11

    F.... Needed Gordon and Henry to out score Kelce by 9.8 .... lost by 6.1 No TD = my loss this week... edit thought this was FU thread.
  10. Byrdman5

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Crap. Stupid Rivers. Stupid Tyreek for getting injured, making Mahomes only target Kelce. Lost by 6 with Henry and Gordon.
  11. Byrdman5

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Ready to watch Rivers play 500 again. Dumbest QB when trailing late in the game.
  12. Byrdman5

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    Exactly why I have Wentz top of my list. Thanks to all who responded. I think I am going to grab Wentz and possibly stream week 16 if I get there.
  13. Byrdman5

    Dropping Josh Allen after this week.

    Totally agree with this. I think Winston will be fine.
  14. Josh Allen faces top 10 defense against qbs ros. Minus Balt week 14. Who would you trust for the playoffs? Wentz - had a brutal stretch of games but it gets easier after NE this week. Danny Dimes - hot and cold but probably has the best matchups down the stretch. Proved he can have big games. Baker - Has been getting better. Played well against some tough defenses. Does this team start to click and get hit down the stretch? Fitzmagic - Dolphins have been playing better....end with the jets, giants, and cinci..
  15. Do it! Tate has a nice playoff schedule.