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  1. Byrdman5

    Is this trade worth it. Herbert for RB/QB

    Personally I wouldn’t, but I’m pretty low on Watson. Healthy Herbert and OC that wants to throw the ball could lead to him as the number 1qb in a 6pt passing league.
  2. Byrdman5

    Ideas at #2

    JJ, good luck with the second worst spot to pick. If this is money league I would request the league to vote for snake draft or quit.
  3. Byrdman5

    Chase or Jefferson?

    Nah I would take JJ, then grab one of the top 3 qb’s if they make back to you on the turn. I feel like stacking is overrated.
  4. Byrdman5

    Waller for trade?

    Drafted Friday, no keepers. Half PPR My team Burrow(6) Mixon(3), Taylor(4), Sanders(5), Wilson Jr. (11) Hill(1), G. Wilson(2), Dotson(7), Sutton(8), G. Davis(9), Flowers (10) Juwan Johnson(12) would drop since he is my last pick. Opponents team Rogers(9) Dak(10) CMC(1), Pacheco(5), Swift(7), Achane(11) Lamb(2), Deebo(3), Evans(6), McLaurin(8), J. Williams(12) Waller(4)
  5. Byrdman5

    Waller for trade?

    .5ppr league do I trade Taylor for Waller and Pacheco? My RB mixon, Taylor, sanders, Wilson, TE Juwan Johnson.
  6. 7 teams is too many teams to make the playoffs unless 14+ IMO. Top 2 records get bye. 3-4 spots are based on record and 5-6 wild cards are total points for. Also most point for season gets money so it doesn’t feel as bad when they lose first round of playoffs instead of getting a bye. My league has been doing this for only about 5 years and it’s the first time the most points scored is not in the top 6 either. Usually a top 3-4 scorer falls outside the top 6 every year. So I think this is the best system for playoffs.
  7. Byrdman5

    Which 2 WR in .5 PPR

    Ya saw that, definitely leaning starting him as my 1.
  8. Byrdman5

    I need a flex this week in 1pt ppr ...

    DPJ, just because he is more proven on the year.
  9. Byrdman5

    Ertz - IR or not!??!

    Sometimes NFL teams are just slow to put people on IR. It took the Commanders a week to put B.Robinson on IR after he got shot.
  10. Byrdman5

    Which 2 WR in .5 PPR

    Start 2 WR in .5 PPR Olave vs LAR 22nd, Saints have been awful but Olave was missed on couple times on deep passes last week. Rondale Moore vs SF 17th, Murray likely out and Ertz out, but M.Brown should be back. Sutton vs LV 20th, Suttons last good game came against LV. No Jeudy now means more targets? Or just triple teamed? Also Denver is the worst offense in the league. D.Johnson vs Cin 8th, Yet to catch a TD is it positive regression time? But 2nd worst offense in the league.. Toney at LAC 12th, Hardman hits IR, Juju still not practicing with a concussion. But he is still behind MVS and Watson in snaps at WR.
  11. Byrdman5

    FLEX: B-Rob, or a ton of other good options..

    All of those backs seem like good options, so I wouldn’t dip into FA. Pacheco and Gus have that blowout potential. Conner is the only one to catch passes and should get the most volume, unless they get blown out. Robinson is coming off a great game and gets the best matchup. I feel like Conner is the safest, but I would probably shoot for the upside in Robinson.
  12. Byrdman5

    Who to flex in ppr

    Drake and Carter. Buf/Cle game moved to DET
  13. Byrdman5

    QB filler

  14. Byrdman5

    Who to pick up 2nd waiver

  15. Byrdman5

    Wk 11: TEN DEF @ GB, or .. grab a FA

    Is A Rod and the Pack back to form? A week ago I would have said Titans, now kinda a toss up after what they did against Dallas who I thought had a better defense. I was looking at Pit and NO as options this week too. But I think I would just stick with Titans after doing well against KC.