Which two? Full point PPR.  R.Jones (at Jets) Montgomery (vs. NYG) Michel (at Balt) Penny (vs. Det) Eli Mitchell (vs. Hou) assume he plays Darrel Williams (at Cin)    My thoughts---I'm leaning R.Jones and Michel, but the Balt matchup for Michel worries me a bit, but not sure if it should (how good is Balt run defense?) Michel played like 90% of snaps last week. Not sure how much Rams will use Akers. Mitchell intrigues me if he's healthy and full go he could smash. He doesn't catch too many passes, though. Penny could be great if he gets volume and scores, but he never catches passes and is off field on all passing downs and this is full ppr. Montgomery is ranked very high this week but I just don't know if can trust that offense and Fields may be back and he is bad for Montgomery, esp for Montg catching passes.