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  1. I could not sit McLovin for those other two. Just couldn't. He'll be the centerpiece of their offense, for good or bad.
  2. bfros

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    thanks. Now that Dalton has been announced the starter, I feel better about dump offs to Montgomery. I am keeping an eye on the weather though in Chicago...it's supposed to be awful heavy rain. Good for run game, but not for efficient running/offense.
  3. bfros

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    Thanks. Help me think through this (and Weepaws, if you are listening, please also chime in). I get that Monty should see volume yet again, but my constant worry with him is that he is insanely inefficient. Last week with 21 carries for only 45 yards (2.1 ypc). Just miserable. His passing game work and TD saved him. This has been his story all year. He's the posterchild RB for ineffeciency on a bad offense. And Fields is trending towards playinig, and Fields kills his passing game work. Kills it bad. Michel played something close to 90% of snaps last week. McVay just said it looks like Akers will not play. Henderson is out. It's literally all Michel and Michel is on a far better offense that will have the ball in redzone more often and McVay likes to run it there. So both Monty and Michel should see high volume. Michel is on the far far better offense and he's more efficient. Is the only reason you all are saying Monty is because of the matchup? If so, ok, Balt does have a better run D than Giants. But shouldn't Michel still have just as many touches and more redzone opportunities? What am I missing?
  4. bfros

    Running back dilemma

    Jones, Chubb, Montgomery See mine:
  5. bfros

    Need a Flex choose 1 please

    Swift, then Jones. See mine:
  6. bfros

    Pick 2 RBs. For the Big Win

    if I don't have the balls to start Montgomery, who's next for you?
  7. Which two? Full point PPR. R.Jones (at Jets) Montgomery (vs. NYG) Michel (at Balt) Penny (vs. Det) Eli Mitchell (vs. Hou) assume he plays Darrel Williams (at Cin) My thoughts---I'm leaning R.Jones and Michel, but the Balt matchup for Michel worries me a bit, but not sure if it should (how good is Balt run defense?) Michel played like 90% of snaps last week. Not sure how much Rams will use Akers. Mitchell intrigues me if he's healthy and full go he could smash. He doesn't catch too many passes, though. Penny could be great if he gets volume and scores, but he never catches passes and is off field on all passing downs and this is full ppr. Montgomery is ranked very high this week but I just don't know if can trust that offense and Fields may be back and he is bad for Montgomery, esp for Montg catching passes.
  8. bfros

    K.Murray or Herbert?

    Who would you play? K.Murray at Dallas or Herbert at home vs. Denver ??? Championship game.
  9. bfros

    Which RBs? Help !

    yes Steelers are not good against run. the problem is that Chiefs throw it a lot and CEH isn't used around goal line as much as I'd like.
  10. bfros

    Which RBs? Help !

    justin jackson is actually available too. I could use him against Houston. If Ekeler is out (which it seems like he will be)
  11. bfros

    Which RBs? Help !

    you don't like Mattison? why? so hard to not play him.
  12. bfros

    Which RBs? Help !

    thanks. I have Rojo and Mattison in, but had Montgomery over CEH cause CEH often sees sub 15 touches and loses redzone work to Williams....but now that Foles is starting for Chicago, I may want to think twice about Montgomery
  13. bfros

    Which RBs? Help !

    Must start 3 of these. Which 3 ? Full point ppr Montgomery @ Sea — tons of touches but rarely scores; bad offense R.Jones @ Car — lead RB now, Evans and Godwin out, may see high volume and looked great last week after Fournette left Mattison vs LAR — always produces when Cook out, but Rams are stout defense and Minn will likely fall behind. Coming off of Covid CEH vs Pitt — Pitt can’t stop run; hill and Kelce may be out Michel at Minn — seems to be the lead back now for rams, great offense J.Jackson at Hou -- assuming Ekeler misses. Jackson will split with Kelley but should be the lead RB Which 3? Full ppr
  14. kelce is vaccinated. is tyreek Hill? anybody know?
  15. bfros

    Van Jefferson or D.Parker ROS?

    agree, but I'm asking for only weeks 16-17 (OBJ should be back by week 16). I've already clinched playoff spot and am just trying to decide who my WR3 will be (Parker or Van Jeff)