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  1. bfros

    What the Kupp?

    in 3 WR sets he is coming off the field far more now. Higbee is effecting that. Also Reynolds is being used more and Woods is recently the focus.
  2. bfros

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    can't tell but looks like it? Or is he hurt?
  3. Full point PPR. Which one for my flex? thanks. AJ Brown (vs Hou) E.Sanders (vs. ATL) L.Bell (@Balt) Hunt (@Ari) also got H.Henry on bench. Could roll him.
  4. not sure about other leagues, but in NFL.com Mike Evans is still not droppable. Need to dop him tonight on waivers .... anybody know when/if the main websites (ESPN, NFL, etc) will change his status from "undroppable" ?? He's out rest of season.
  5. bfros

    Droppable List

    TY Hilton
  6. bfros

    Damian Williams injury update?

    No surpirse he didnt practice....but still very strange there was no update regarding the extent of the rib injury. Some reporter has to have asked .... can't find anything.
  7. bfros

    Damian Williams injury update?

    I'm still shocked there has not been one update on Damien Williams in nearly 10 days. He had emerged as the starter on one of the best offenses with a decent fantasy playoff schedule....and not one update. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Never in playing fantasy for 13 years have I seen that kinda silence for that level of player. I assume something will come out today....maybe.
  8. bfros

    Damian Williams injury update?

    so nobody knows jack-a. frustrating. the chiefs RB situation is obviously murky, but one of them will have double-digit fantasy points most week.
  9. Anybody know anything about his ribs? Can’t find anything...would love an update about severity before waivers run tonight
  10. Assuming Shepard is out rest of season (concussions), which of these is better going forward? FULL POINT PPR league. Sanu is now gone in Atl. Ridley should theoretically see more volume. Tate should also see volume, perhaps a bit more...though Ridley may have higher TD potential. I'm leaning Ridley cause Ryan is better QB and absence of Sanu, but I'm not sure. Tate is a great route runner and has solid chemistry with DannyD Which one?
  11. bfros

    Leveon Bell - MRI today

    I think Ty Montgomery hobbled off hurt .... Powell may be the guy to get for Monday if Bell sits.
  12. bfros

    C.Edmonds or M.Gordon?

    Assuming David Johnson is out, which one? Standard scoring. C.Edmonds (at NO)? (NO defense is tough. Can Edmonds stay hot) M.Gordon (at Chi)? (Chi defense has been run on. Is this a break out game for Gordon?) I also have McCoy but figure he'd be behind both these guys. Thanks.
  13. bfros

    L.Bell or Gurley?

    and you would still feel that way knowing it's a full point ppr league? (I'm leaning towards Gurley, but just want to make sure)
  14. bfros

    L.Bell or Gurley?

    Can't decide. PPR. Bell at home against NE who he sucked bad against a few weeks ago, albeit without Darnold at QB. Or Gurley against the horrific Falcons def and Malcolm Brown not playing. Rankings all say Bell but I'm not sure. I think Gurley has a better chance to score...
  15. I'd prob roll Williams and Connor. I think Williams is more valuable in ppr, and he's in on passing downs. With Watkins out, he could benefit more. Connor/Brown is close, but I'll roll with the more experienced guy here. And yeah, SF def is good. I think Henderson will be sprinkled in on passing downs. Brown does not catch passes.