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  1. bfros

    M.Davis and D.Freeman for D.Johnson??

    yeah seems like it. not sure the owner will take it but she might. Would love to offer it on Saturday so it doesn't get processed until next week so that I can use Davis this week and not DJ who has the Steelers
  2. I own Akers and Henderson. I'd like to lock up the Rams backfield. Do I deal away M.Davis for M.Brown or hold Davis and hope either Akers or Henderson takes over there?
  3. I own M.Davis and Freeman. I think I could get David Johnson for these two. The DJ owner has CMC. Do I make the trade or hold Davis and Freeman?
  4. bfros

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    Was just playing devils advocate to what seemed like a polarizing set of responses. That’s all. I respect the differences of opinion. In all honesty I’ll likely do the trade and take Kelley. I see the upside of Freeman but hate the downsides of the situation w the Giants. Just wanted to talk it through.
  5. bfros

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    He wants to play but he wants a real contract. And he wants to be lead RB. Only downside to the Giants is that he knows it’s a one year thing and that’s it.
  6. bfros

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    I suppose (Fournette) the idea that a RB without (Fournette) a team could get picked up (Fournette) by a team with established RBs and be (Fournette) fantasy relevant or hell take over (Fournette) as lead back is unheard of.
  7. bfros

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    I hear ya. my counter thought is that DFree could end up the lead guy. I don’t think it’ll be a RBBC or he won’t sign. He wants to sign where he’s featured and will get touches. DFree is as good or more talented than Kelley. And Justin Jackson will be back soon.
  8. bfros

    trade Freeman for Kelley

    I grabbed D.Freeman when I saw Barkley go out. Was immediately offered Josh Kelley for D.Freeman. Do I take Kelley or hold Freeman?
  9. yes, money is the prob with DFree....he's only 28, not injured. He wants a real deal.
  10. plenty of fantasy relevant RBs on crap teams...right James Robinson? Their lead RB (whoever that becomes) will be flex worthy in most leagues.
  11. what about L.Miller? I know indy was looking at him.
  12. they say they will likely sign a RB....is Freeman the obvi top choice or is there another likely candidate??
  13. where you read this?
  14. Barkley fell to me at the 5th overall pick. I felt like I won the lottery. FML.
  15. torn ACL? or what? Freeman would be way better than Gallman or dion lewis