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  1. bfros

    damian williams update?

    very surprised that there's be zero update on Damien Williams today. I guess Darwin is a grab and hold.....
  2. bfros

    Gonna bench Cam for Allen

    now he may miss week 3, so Allen is the obvious choice.
  3. bfros

    Gonna bench Cam for Allen

    yeah it's very tempting to start Allen over Cam. I get it. I just think ARI is a crap def. Stafford picked them apart for 3 tds and Jackson ran all over them last week. The opportunity is there for a get right game for Cam. but i can't blame anyone for starting allen at home vs. Cinci.
  4. bfros

    damian williams update?

    Is it his knee? Groin? I've heard both. Any updates? I see that McCoy's MRI was clean. Wondering if nothing has been said about Williams or if I just missed it.
  5. bfros

    Gonna bench Cam for Allen

    also got Cam and am worried. he's wildly inaccurate so far and isn't running at all. The handoff to McCaff at the goalline last week said it all. I think his matchup at ARI this week is good. He should be able to do well there. But Allen at home vs. Cinci is tasty too.
  6. bfros

    hockenson or waller week 2, full ppr

    any reason for Hock here? Most sites have Waller ahead. What's your thinking?
  7. bfros

    Do I bench K.Allen for Cupp??

    thanks, super helpful. (eye roll). Every single analyst has Thielen ranked higher than Cupp. They must all be wrong. (I'm leaning towards benching Cupp, but can't figure out why)
  8. bfros

    Do I bench K.Allen for Cupp??

    I was pushing back to get you all to explain your positions more, rather than just "start Thielen". trying to debate it as a way of thinking it through. And kindly, a tip in return--explain your position if you want that position to sound credible. I'm curious to know 'why', not just what you'd do. Thanks
  9. bfros

    Do I bench K.Allen for Cupp??

    it'd be tough to bench Thielen (the top target for Minn) for Cupp. It's close, but it'd be tough. I think Thielen is a better WR and he's the focus. I dunno...just tempting to use Cupp since my opponent has Goff, though there are so many potential targets for Goff.
  10. bfros

    Do I bench K.Allen for Cupp??

    One run heavy game by the Vikings and people are already prognisticating the end of their pass offense?? come on guys. The Vikes were crushing the falcons...they could run it all day and were up. Didn't need to pass. Any NFL team would exploit that. I have no doubt Cousins will throw again.
  11. PPR league. I'm up against the guy who is starting Goff. Trying to decide which of these are my top 2 WRs for the week: K.Allen, Thielen, or Cupp. Most censensus sites say roll Allen and Thielen. But I'm not sure. I'm tempted to bench Allen and play Thielen and Cupp for two reasons: 1) Allen will be shadowed by Darius Slay and safeties will likely roll to him as well with M.Williams potentially out. And 2) my opponent has Goff. Starting Cupp may offset some of Goffs production if he's productive. Am I crazy?
  12. bfros

    please rank these guys, all on waivers

    even if the stats are a bit askew or miscalculated for you guys, I sure do appreciate folks who try to post evaluative comments that are anchored in stats.....seriously, it's refreshing. Most people base their opinions on hunches and trends and recency biases. But feel free to carry on the pissing match, it's fun to watch, and quite helpful! Boys will be boys.
  13. bfros

    please rank these guys, all on waivers

    team is fairly loaded. Small league. RB: Elliot, Bell, Gurley, D.Williams, M.Sanders WR: Allen, Thielen, Diggs, Gordon, Cupp
  14. bfros

    hockenson or waller ROS?

    regarding giving up on Henry-- Henry was nonexistent in the first half, which worries me (not in the game plan). I know Williams limped off, but he'll be back and i'm thinking rest of season. Henry should be behind Allen, Williams, and Ekeler for targets. I'm a full point ppr league, which makes me tempted to go in on Hock or Waller. Not sure if I'm overthinking it.