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#6110771 Kenyan Drake Keeper Outlook

Posted by jls8421 on 20 December 2017 - 10:34 PM

I'd honestly stick with Brown and Evans. Reason being is the difference in peoples mentality pre draft vs end of the season.


Right now everyone is down on Mike Evans. He has name recognition and if he has one decent preseason game, he'll be touted as the biggest bounce back candidate ever. 


Still leery of him? trade him then when he has at least the optimism of the season ahead. 


Drake is still an unknown commodity. 


Just my opinion.

#5971138 mock drafting

Posted by jls8421 on 05 July 2017 - 02:55 PM

Haha, I mock because I'm jonesing for the season...


That said, mocking gives a good round about idea of where players are going. It changes through out the summer and preseason. I like to keep track of who rises and falls in ADP. Just my thing.


The problem comes when people take it as "this is the team I'll get from this position" and taking it as gospel. As mentioned above, nothing goes according to plan and being flexible enough to work around the quirks is huge.


Haha now to the OP. Just screwing around with different outcomes, I've done a few mocks and skipped RB until the 4th or later and didn't hate my teams. 


To each their own!




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#5756302 Melvin (Flash) Gordon recovers from Microfracture surgery

Posted by jls8421 on 10 September 2016 - 08:04 PM

I may be the lone Gordon believer. I drafted him in 2 of 3 leagues.


Here's why, he looked great in the pre season. I know, preseason certainly doesn't spell success. However, the things I look for are burst, cut ability and o-line push. Three things you can't really hide and all three were there.


With the addition of Turek, T Benjamin and K Allen healthy. This represents a great opportunity IMO. Benjamin is a burner that'll stretch the field. Allen in the intermediate and slants. Gates (who may be old but you still have to put a body on him) in the underneath and short passes. This is going to open up some running room. 


Additionally, Woodhead is 31.


I'm not saying he's going to blow up, but at the price I paid, it's worth it. I am starting him this week in 1 league due to limited options, so crossing my fingers. 


Just my 2 cents and probably worth a whole lot less.