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    PPR no 2 pick...Zeke/Barkley...Discuss

    I'd rather have Elliott than Barkley, but I won't be upset if I have the #3 pick and McCaffrey and Elliott went 1/2.

    Bucs sign Lesean McCoy

    Agreed. For dynasty, I'd rather have Vaughn than Jones.
  4. Theres more out there than to just call them outliers. Just delve into the Twitter thread in the OP and see some of the sinister responses from some actual teachers that treat their classroom as indoctrination labs. Dont forget these people fukin work for us.
  5. taco breath


    NFL has rolled the league for 2020. Looks like we need a commish.
  6. iam90sbaby

    Fox news says VP choice down to Harris and Rice.

    Guilty as charged.
  7. Or internment camps prior to 2017.
  8. Hardcore troubadour

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    He’s not raising taxes. And what, DACA had no direct economic element to it? You might want to read up on it. I’ll save you the trouble. There was spending in DACA.
  9. Strike

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    So you haven't researched this at all. You're just spewing Pelosi's talking points. Guess we don't need to continue then.
  10. Better not talk about the Holocaust or Slavery either. Too upsetting. She should be fired on the spot.
  11. vuduchile

    HS football practice starts today.

    Spring could work. At least this year’s seniors still have a shot to play. If they move football and soccer to Spring, would they move baseball, softball, golf, tennis and track to fall?
  12. RaiderHaters Revenge

    PPR no 2 pick...Zeke/Barkley...Discuss

    yep, and I lost cause he got hurt when it mattered and Mike Boone was my option
  13. KayJay1971

    HS football practice starts today.

    Good luck. Hopefully they are allowed to play their season.
  14. vuduchile

    Big Ten "maybe" cancelled football season...

    Yeah ok. Did you read the article? I think he makes a compelling case. We have to get on with life at some point. Sports aren’t necessary, but playing them in the COVID era can be done. Even one death of a student athlete would certainly be tragic, but we need to make decisions based on statistical evidence. How many of the positive tested staff members and players from all pro sports, and college football have died? How many hospitalized? How many fully recovered? Does anyone have those numbers or does anyone even care?
  15. Patriotsfatboy1

    HS football practice starts today.

    Our football season in youth was just canceled today. The governor rolled back some opening provisions that made it impossible to continue. I expect that our HS season will be pushed to the spring and we hope that they can play then. Good luck to your season!
  16. Patriotsfatboy1

    Kamala Harris dead

    He had been sick for years. I think he was half the man he used to be at the end.
  17. I've spent plenty of time in classrooms, by request of gym and health teachers, going into the classroom and giving kids more in-depth information for personal health and fitness. I've heard plenty of teachers talking to the kids about politics and whatnot on a number of occasions. Was it all of them? No. But it was a good chunk. I've also seen forms that my nephew had to bring home regarding what terms and phrases are racist. What is white privilege. The schools definitely do it. Just an example from a personal interaction. I actually had one teacher tell me that in her class, they don't discuss race or gender when talking about health. I looked at her like she had a third eye. When she was confused by my reactions, I asked: "How can I tell kids the proper way to eat and workout unless I discuss gender? A boy's body is very different than a girls. There's no way to give a gender neutral description on how to develop your body. It's impossible." She told me that I'd have to figure out how to do it. I said to her, "don't you think it's important to give the kids accurate information?" I kid you not, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "no, not if the information upsets them". I walked out and told her that she can be the liar, not me. She had the nerve to call my boss and complain. My boss then called the school and told them that we will not be sending any of our staff to their school if they want us to give improper information. This was 5 years ago. No one on our staff has ever been back to that school.
  18. posty

    HS football practice starts today.

    Good luck
  19. FlyinHeadlock

    Meanwhile in Chicago....

    A lot of people have problems with Ellen right now on both sides. Nothing personal. Well documented dikes are hard to deal with. Bitter, spiteful and foul mouthed.
  20. Patriotsfatboy1

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    Congress gave the President the power to tax and spend? That would require an amendment to the Constitution, not just passing a bill.
  21. Hardcore troubadour

    HS football practice starts today.

    Good. Best of luck.
  22. Another good call from Mr, Baseball. Lol.
  23. Just when you think edjr can’t get any dumber....
  24. Hardcore troubadour

    Trump Executive order/request/whatever

    Good point, but what are you going to do in a moment of crisis and the Democrats are treating it like it’s business as usual?
  25. He wants the season played so he can lose to Ohio State again...
  26. That is okay, I don't have any faith in myself...
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