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  2. BunnysBastatrds

    The Abortion Thread we never had

    This. In the last year I’ve spoken with my birth mother, birth father (unheard of in adoption circles). Two younger sisters on both sides and one brother out of two so far. Crazy what ancestry can find spitting in a test tube. They contacted me and I enjoyed them and I finding each other. Has changed all of our lives in a positive way. Very interesting in many ways. I WOULD Not fawking be here if she had chooses abortion. Adopted me to another couple was easier than killing me. Took us fifty two years to find each other, but we did. Glad she did and she says most of her family pushed for abortion opportunities as it was the easiest way out of it. I sent her photos of my daughter, her granddaughter, and knows she made the right but difficult choice. Saying that, I understand those that choose to terminate and not go the adoption route. Selfish but understand. But the government should not keep this devicsness even argument on both sides that don’t address the pressing issues.
  3. A Fanny pack with a half roll of quarters?
  4. Today
  5. I guess if we get hard at the same time then it goes to a shootout!
  6. BeenHereBefore

    French Onion soup

    Participation Trophy for ya.
  7. Bet he can sale a ton here alone with the saying. (I Was With Your Mother Last Night)
  8. Utilit99

    French Onion soup

    I love french onion soup.
  9. There better be refs that can end it quick before it goes to far.
  10. I wrestle in HS but will do it again naked and first one that gets hard loses!
  11. Wow. Has that ever happened before?
  12. peenie

    things youtube recommends to me

    YouTube suggests great videos for me such that I’m really concerned it ñ knows too much about my personal life…
  13. Ohh!!! Lol, right!!!
  14. peenie

    This may be end for Chris Cuomo

    Good news for Don Lemon.
  15. easilyscan

    All fair in love, war, and fantasy football?

    We had a guy in my league about 10 years ago who made a ridiculous number of WW moves. I think he made 130 one year & people started complaining. Yahoo allows you to set a limit of moves. I communicated with the other players to come up with a number that seemed fair. We settled on 80. Sounds like a lot, but we've all been through those years where injuries are a constant, & you can actually need that many.
  16. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    On to tomorrow I like Seattle +3 or even ML.
  17. Bier Meister

    French Onion soup

    In 99 mrs and I took our first trip to Europe together. We spent a month visiting Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and were very briefly in Italy. I recall at one point in Innsbruck we needed a break from schnitzel, brats, and fondue…. And we rolled the dice on some Chinese. I had pretty low expectations, but it was actually decent.
  18. weepaws

    Standard-Goedert or Logan Thomas

    If Thomas is good to go, I would start him.
  19. weepaws

    Please choose 2

    Montgomery and Moore
  20. Blizzard warning in Hawaii. Meanwhile 70s in Colorado.
  21. nobody

    All fair in love, war, and fantasy football?

    Then you really should be churning the wire every week just so no one can get players unless they spend FAAB bucks. See how that works out for you.
  22. Mike Isles

    Geek Club Chess Championship

    He would. He played last go around.
  23. Mike Isles

    Geek Club Chess Championship

    Added from Shotsup
  24. Drizzay

    The Abortion Thread we never had

    It's a boring topic.
  25. MLCKAA

    The Abortion Thread we never had

    Is it your business when anyone kills anyone? If yes, what makes it any less your business when anyone kills a baby? As I said above, I favor legal access. I just find your answer perplexing. You acknowledge it is murdering a baby but say “None of my business” like murder is benign.
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