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  2. BeenHereBefore

    Is Jesus Real And Our God ?

    I think so and want to thinks so. What you got ? Also do love ones after they past give us signs ?
  3. 5-Points

    GDI, just lost a dog

    Sorry man.
  4. BeenHereBefore


    I agree BB is the best but dang that show came fist and and started it all and guess The Shield too. Like I said there is things in it that will keep women interested in it. Why Don can't go wrong watching it with his wife.
  5. Today
  6. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    Looking like a trend ?
  7. listen2me 23

    General beginner gambling…

    3 more games decided by 1 point. Was busy this week and had zilch for bets this week.
  8. Daltnator

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 2

    Packers DST to have 3 Pick Sixes, a few sacks, a fumble recovery and maybe a punt return for a TD. Ya know, because Derrick freaking Henry. FINALLY had the luck swing my way, until THAT! SMFH. Boy, would it be something if the Packers D had the game of their lives tonight………………………
  9. dain11279


    Fantastic show. My #2 show behind BB. Holds up great through the years even though it debuted over 20 years ago. So many great characters on the show.
  10. BeenHereBefore

    General beginner gambling…

    I don't care what strategy you use or bet on you can win if you put the homework in.
  11. BeenHereBefore

    Stop It We Are Not Racist!

    Some of the entertainers are acting like we are scum! Sorry I was Born white and you was born black. Does it matter no! Quit trying to puts us white people down when we did nothing to you!
  12. BeenHereBefore

    Stop It We Are Not Racist!

    Who watches the Emmy sh!it anyways but caught a minute before I change channel and they are all rapping and act like their sh!t don't stink and all the white actors clapping. Serious who wants to watch this crap? I had the football game on one TV and watch the Chase on another! I love Black People and one of my best friends is and he would agree with me. They are trying to start a race war and enough is enough with this crap. Sorry I love Black people too and never owned any slaves black or white or whatever else. Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    yeah that was just dumb.....I still haven't heard what happened. I saw it, but I haven't heard an explanation.
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  15. weepaws

    NY Jets Backfield - Coleman / Carter / Johnson

    He had more ff points then M Davis.
  16. weepaws

    Mike Davis Owners - time to worry

    This blows. I’m way behind concern.
  17. weepaws

    Week 2 Observations

    Very impressed with T Lockett , two big games to start the ff season. Now very concern about M Davis. Big road win for the Raiders. Two of my ff teams beat K Murray today, at Qb I have Cousins and Carr, I won both those contests , by having better over all talent at the Rbs and Wr slots. If you own The Chubb congrats. Tannehill and A J Brown look pretty avg so far. How did you C Davis owners like garbage time today?
  18. BeenHereBefore

    I'm Better Then Fandandy

    Lol dude you can do your childish crap with me and think I focking care ? I got two funerals to go to this week with love ones that took their own lives and could give two Sh@ts to posting Emoes on all my post!!! Grow the F up and this nothing.
  19. weepaws

    Week 2 Observations

    Past few seasons Cooper was the Cowboys number one wr. And after week two, Cooper leads Lamb in ff points in both ppr and non.
  20. weepaws

    Don't forget AJ Green

    Disagree, Green is going to have a few more games like today, but I think that would be the norm , he’s going to be a bench guy. Unless your weak at wr or flex you can’t trust starting him.
  21. weepaws

    Falcons Offense, thoughts

    Right now is the time to shop Ridley.
  22. weepaws

    Antonio Gibson-Talk me off the ledge

    Yes keep Gibson.
  23. weepaws

    Little help pick one

    Congrats great call
  24. weepaws

    R.Jones for Sermon?

    I would keep rojo.
  25. BeenHereBefore

    I'm Better Then Fandandy

    You seem like a okay guy and why all the hate ?
  26. BeenHereBefore

    I'm Better Then Fandandy

    Ok I'm bored with you and please have a great night and day ahead.
  27. BeenHereBefore

    I'm Better Then Fandandy

    Turn off Fox News.
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