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  2. I’m in three 14 team leagues and one 12 team league, only four teams make the playoffs, also we don’t have divisions, the top four records make the playoffs. You have to earn the right to make it to the playoffs. Plus in all four leagues we play a full season total points also , the pay out for the HTH championship winner and the total points winner is the same. Thanks.
  3. weepaws

    Lockett and metcalf

    He’s been terrific, I would vote him the streaming mvp.
  4. jonmx

    Can we?

    So, just don't make a big deal out of pedophilia. We just need to shut up about the government assisting the trafficking of children into the sex trade business or groomer teachers in schools. 18 is just a random number like 13......or 6?
  5. Voltaire

    Wordle scores

    Wordle 530 4/6 🟩 🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 not an easy word
  6. Gepetto

    The ***OFFICIAL*** 2022-23 NBA thread

    Huge game from Zion Williamson tonight. Watch these highlights!
  7. Boy, that durn lying media!
  8. nobody

    What's your favorite charity you donate to?

    I help people by empowering them to help themselves.
  9. wiffleball

    Can we?

    And did that happen in a thread title? Reading comprehension really isn't that hard in this case guys.
  10. easilyscan

    Should I Start John Kitna ?

  11. Voltaire

    Should I Start John Kitna ?

    Best sit Kitna. John's too distracted lately because his son is sitting in jail for distributing child pornography. https://www.dailywire.com/news/florida-gators-quarterback-jalen-kitna-booked-on-multiple-complaints-of-child-pornography-possession-with-intent-to-promote
  12. easilyscan

    Dash cams

    I researched them a little over a year ago. I was looking for the reasons you mentioned, & storm chasing. There's literally 100's of different brands, ranging in price from $75 up to 1000's. I never followed through. If you're looking for both front and rear cams, keep in mind that you'll have to run wiring to the back. Other than that all I can say is start with YouTube. Here's a link for the best dash cams of 2022. Watch that, and if one of them seems right for you, do a search for that specific model.
  13. Diggs, St. Brown, Allen
  14. easilyscan

    Week 13 Def

    Not unless one of 'those' 3 was inactive. Interesting how it will be a 'revenge game' for both Mostert & Wilson.
  15. WhiteWonder

    Nevah bench your studs, right? WSIS question for you

    Diggs, St Brown, Allen

    What's your favorite charity you donate to?

    Naaa...He's just now woke in a good way. Mebbe someday you will be too.

    What's your favorite charity you donate to?

    I remember donating to the sperm bank a while ago.. Your mom swallowed my donation like a champ
  18. WR ...Pick 3 1 point ppr S. Diggs at NE A.J. Brown vs Tenn Amon St. Brown vs Jax Keenan Allen at Raiders Christian Kirk at Lions I'm actually thinking about benching Diggs this week. Talk me off of my ledge, please. Also, yes, 10 ten teamer and beside being the highest point scorer in the league, I reside at 6-6 Seriously, all input welcome.
  19. I think its because most people don't live in Asia.
  20. Yes. Hating Ray was perfectly acceptable but this post is vile hate speech. We're expected to embrace the things they're wanting to teaching us.
  21. AxeElf

    Superhero League, Anyone?

    I still want to do this. Maybe if I start talking about it BEFORE the offseason, instead of waiting until August--and now that I'm doing fewer leagues in the twilight of my career, I'll have even more time to devote to it. Anyone? Bueller?
  22. Voltaire

    Death Pool Update - Christine McVie

    Good observation. Every one of them had to put their egos in check to put the band first. Christie especially. John was an ass and she was second banana to a goddess. Like you said, she was definitely the most grounded. Somebody had to go first and dying at 79 isn't shocking. It just highlights how they've all lasted a good long time. Plenty of musicians of their era never hit 30 or 40.
  23. Gepetto

    Where is your mind at currently?

    That's very good news.

    Who do you like that posts here?

    Sawilson. Very nice lady. For the price of some Oakley sunglasses you could see some of her nudie pics. (Eagles Green reference) For the price of just asking her, you could see them for free. She was very proud of them, and rightfully so. Very nice body and face
  25. Gepetto

    MLB 2022

    MLB World Reacts To The Aaron Judge Contract Offer (msn.com) the Yankees offered Judge a contract of around eight years and $300 million, which would give him the highest average annual salary of any position player in MLB history. They may go higher if needed to keep up with competitors likes his hometown San Francisco Giants.
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