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  2. NY ammo sales soar, shops close on eve of change in state gun law ....Stores across New York saw a run on bullet and gun purchases this week in advance of the state’s new background check laws on firearms and ammunition......The law, which took effect Wednesday, requires firearm shops to send background checks on guns through the New York State Police, instead of directly to the FBI, while also making background checks a requirement to buy bullets as well......The law also created new fees, $2.50 for ammo purchases and $9 for gun purchases, and The Firing Pin offered discounts on both “before the state starts hoarding all your information....” ..... Mud Creek Guns and Ammo in Kennedy, NY and the Valley Gun Shop in West Falls, NY, owned by Jack Herbst, who told The Post he doesn’t want to subject his customers to state data gathering he considers invasive.....“My customers don’t want anything to do with it,” Herbst said. “People are refusing to buy anything because they have to go through this nonsense.....New York State’s new compliancy laws for dealers will make it extremely difficult to stay in business, with background checks on firearms and ammunition going through the state with ‘processing fees,'” the shop posted online late last month, announcing their closure. They were in business for 33 years. https://nypost.com/2023/09/16/ny-ammo-sales-soar-shops-close-on-eve-of-change-in-state-gun-law/
  3. Voltaire

    Browns to trade for Derrick Henry?

    The Browns aren't trading anybody unless Wilson is gone long term.. The Browns have a solid shot at making the playoffs if they can get their QB back healthy again. While I'm at it, I bought a new computer the other day with MSN.com as the default homepage. So I fire up the computer and one headline on msn.com is "Davonte Adams Goes to the Lions in Blockbuster Trade" and my jaw hit the floor, so I click to learn more. "In a proposed trade by some dilweed at some focking website and posted on Twitter, disgruntled Raiders wide receiver Davonte Adams..." Oh, fock off. You're msn, you're supposed to be reputable. Show some class. Don't take a theoretical and unsubstantiated trade proposal that got posted by a random dingdong on Twitter and disguise it as some clickbait thing worth reading on your homepage. A$$holes.
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  5. Voltaire

    Trump mocks attack on Paul Pelosi

    First, humor can be had anywhere. Some of the most memorably funny jokes have been made by comedians daring to tackle the most unfunny, horrible, and taboo of topics, such as Sam Kinneson on starvation in Africa or George Carlin on rape. The only time in my life that I ever pulled over onto the side of the road because I was a danger to myself and other drivers was caused by laughing too hard during the last two minutes of Gilbert Gottfried's interaction with Amy Heckerling's babysitter on the Howard Stern show, revolving around the Jewish Holocaust. All three of these can be found on YouTube. Second, making fun of Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy in front of an audience that hates her is low hanging fruit. Trump had a good joke and has mastered the art of comedic timing. Third, it's not like late night comics hold back in their Trump jokes. The proper response is to laugh if the jokes are funny, not get indignant at them.
  6. This was done during Trump's presidency. I will leave my phone on and make sure the Test alert works so in case of an actual emergency I will be notified. Conspiracy believers are wack.
  7. Little Enthusiasm for 2024 Front-Runners ....There is not a lot of enthusiasm for either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump becoming the major party nominees in 2024. American voters are much more likely to see Biden as too old than say the same about Trump .....This has mainly come from a decline in the Democrat’s support among Black, Hispanic and Asian voters, while Trump has made some gains among this group.....Three-quarters (76%) of American voters agree that Biden is too old to effectively serve another term as president. Just under half (48%) say the same about Trump...Just 37% of voters express at least some enthusiasm about the possibility of Trump being the Republican nominee and 32% are enthusiastic about Biden getting the nod for the Democrats. Majorities are not at all enthusiastic about either Trump (52%) or Biden (53%) being at the top of their respective party tickets. Among independents, 35% are enthusiastic about having Trump as the GOP nominee and only 19% feel enthusiastic about Biden heading the Democratic ticket....Majorities, though, say they will not vote for either Biden (51% definitely not and 6% probably not) or Trump (48% definitely not and 8% probably not). These results mark a drop in Biden’s potential support since July (from 47% to 42% combined) while Trump’s support has ticked up slightly (from 40% to 43%). Biden’s decline is due mainly to a significant slip in support among Black, Latino, and Asian voters (from 63% definitely or probably in July to 47% now). Trump has picked up about half of that number (going from 23% among voters of color in July to 33% now.... https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_us_100223/
  8. LaChup

    Cooper Kupp AND Puka Nacua Owners...

    I'd like to buy a vowel. Jeez.
  9. MarshRoad

    Fields or Stroud???

    Hey all, keeper league. I just picked up Stroud last week but played Fields due to Denver. This week Chicago on Thursday night vs. Washington or Stroud at Atl this weekend. I have Stroud in right now. thank you.
  10. Gepetto

    RAO's Frozen Pizza

    My favorite is Red Barron Brick Oven Pizzas. Just had the cheese trio tonight.
  11. I’m open to most ideas but rarely believe them all. This one doesn’t concern me.
  12. Voltaire

    Smug Leftoid Darwin Award Winners

    Hopefully the murderer takes the opportunity to get his life in order by attending the six bi-weekly anger management classes New York will invite him to participate in. I sense we may have a budding doctor, engineer, or astrophysicist on hand here. Also, hopefully the girlfriend reflects on her sudden exposure to reality and cures herself of leftoidism.
  13. Hawkeye21

    Trump mocks attack on Paul Pelosi

    You guys are comparing this to Rand Paul getting beat up by his neighbor?
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